Tuesday, October 15, 2013

[Living] Daegu―The City of Coffee

Daegu has the largest population ratio of coffee lovers with the greatest number of cafes. Supported by this background, the coffee franchise brands that started their business in Daegu went nationally. Besides, Daegu has the most advanced infrastructures of coffee market. As Daegu International Coffee Culture Exhibition is supposed to be held in November, Daegu will get recognition as the city of coffee globally.

-Coffee Myungga(http://www.myungga.com)
Coffee Myungga opened near Kyungbuk National University in 1990. The owner developed a coffee roasting machine of his own style for the first time in Korea, one of which keeps his name as a coffee master. Coffee Myungga is famous for their unique-flavored coffee using the quality coffee beans they roast.

-Davinci Coffee(www.edavinci.co.kr)
Since the first coffee shop of Davinci Coffee opened in 2004, more than 100 branches have opened domestically. The Davinci Coffee initiated popularization of Daegu-brand coffee making the company be a byword for Daegu coffee brand.

-Sleepless in Seattle(http://siscoffee.com)
Sleepless in Seattle has been extending its business abroad since it first opened in Daegu. This global brand is widespread across from Korea to China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and India.

-Hands Coffee(http://www.handscoffee.com)
Hands Coffee is impressive with its exterior of vivid yellow wall. With a concept of southern French coffee, this brand boasts hand-drip coffee and original European espresso as well. They named the brand as Hands Coffee to value the farmhands' efforts in coffee plantations.

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  1. Thanks for this article. I am in Daegu and was looking for good coffee :-)