Thursday, October 24, 2013

[Tour] Museum Soo—Korean Traditional Embroidery and Folk Painting Museum

Museum Soo aims at shedding light on the value and usefulness of Korean cultural heritage via Korean traditional embroidery and folk paintings by rediscovering their practicality.

The museum director, Kyung-suk Lee, discovered an ultimate beauty in Korean traditional embroidery while she tried to find real beauty of the world. Since then, she has collected loads of pieces of Korean traditional embroidery and folk paintings. And now, thanks to her efforts, more than 2,000 colorful and fancy embroidery works and paintings are permanently displayed in the exhibition hall.

Since the museum has established educational institutions such as Dongjae Folk Painting Research Institute and Suni Embroidery Research Institute, it operates educational programs on traditional culture for children and youths as well as for experts. The museum also focuses on the developing cultural products motivated by the Korean traditional embroidery and folk painting.

[Museum Soo—Korean Traditional Embroidery and Folk Painting Museum]
-Adult Classes: the traditional heritage is revived in the life of yours...
•General embroidery class -Basic
                                           -Prenatal educational class for mothers-to-be
•Traditional Embroidery Class -Basic
•General folk painting class (3 month course)
•Special folk painting lecture series (3 month course)
•Traditional tea ceremony class (3 month course)

Address: 136-8 Beomeo 2(i)-dong, Suseong-gu, Daegu, South Korea ‎

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