Monday, October 14, 2013

[Tour] The TV Drama 'Love Rain(사랑비)' Fliming Sites in Daegu

A television drama which was directed by YUN Suk-ho, who is also the director of the famous TV drama "Winter Sonata". It recorded as a big hit in Korea and Japan. The TV drama "Love Rain" talks about the pure love story of a young couple. Analogue love in the 1970s, and a love of the present digital generation are both found here. Top star JANG Gun-suk and Yoona, a member of the girls' Generation appeared in this drama. Several famous sites in Daegu are used as shooting sites for this TV drama.

⁍ Daemyeong Campus, Keimyung University -
It is a beautiful college campus which was the background in the love story of the main characters of Love Rain. It was a filming site of the main scenes between the hero and heroin of the drama, such as their first encounter and college festival. It is a famous
venue with its European style buildings and landscape, and was also used as shooting site for many movies and TV dramas, like the famous TV drama "Boys over Flowers".

-After filming
Director YUN Suk-ho once said, "I thought that Keimyung University was the best place to show a campus from the 1970's. While looking around, I also found the Jin-golmok Alley Tea House, the music group C'est La Vie, a Buddhist temple, and a Catholic church. That is why Daegu was chosen for the drama." Keimyung University was already well known as the shooting site for the drama , but it became even more famous as it appeared in such productions as the movie and the drama .

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  1. OH MY GOSH!!! I love this drama and I love this school. Thank you so much for posting this. :-)