Friday, November 1, 2013

[Tour/Press Article] Yakjeon Alley in Daegu

I have been in Daegu for a fair few months and some how I have managed to miss the hidden jem that is Yakjeon alley. Yakjeon alley is a street filled with beautifully ornate medical supply stores as well as experts on oriental medicine. This Daegu attraction will probably be smelled before it's seen. 

The streets are filled with the scents of ginseng, liquorice and ginger.
This area has been an integral part of Daegu’s way of life for 300 hundred years. The city has spent a lot of time and effort making this area presentable and interesting.

 The first few shops I came upon sold lovely china and dishes as well as teapots that would make perfect souvenirs. Each shops window is filled with mysterious boxes and jars, each housing the potential to cure you of anything that ails you.

Each twist and turn in the alley way reveals a new and interesting store. While wandering the roads I noticed a large ornate gate. This welcomes people to the street and is in complete jux-tu-position to the hustle and bustle of Korea’s third largest city that surrounds it.

Since this has been the heart of Daegu for hundreds of years there is also other history that has sprung up around it. This includes one of the first churches in Daegu. The beautiful ivy covered building adds to the historical feel of the area and also makes for great photo opportunities.

Once you have finished exploring Daegu's back streets you can head into the Medical museum to learn a little bit more about this historical area. There are two floors which you can reach by elevator. The third floor centres around the history of medicine and the second floor is great for learning about the human body and what exactly you need to feel healthy and young.

Once you have had your fill of education you can walk the backstreets and find many small pretty restaurants that sell almost every form of Korean cuisine you could wish for. Traditional Korean restaurants, seafood restaurants and even some traditional tea houses can be found all over this area. Each one promises to delight and cure all appetites.

This is a delightful area that would be perfect for an autumn evening stroll. You may visit this area mainly to learn something about Daegu but I’ll personally be recommending it to any friend who needs some medical attention. There are many places for massages, physical therapy, acupuncture and any form of treatment your homeopathic mind can imagine.

If you are thinking of heading to this area:
By subway:
Get off subway at Banwoldang Station, get out at exit 16(Yangnyeongsi) or 18(Hyundai Department Store), or get off the subway line #1 Jungangno Station, get out at exit 1 (Yangnyeongsi) and walk for 5 minutes.

By bus:
  • In front of (previously) Jeil Theater : 349, 401,650, 518, 704, 106, 202-1, 410, 503, 730, 706, 303, express2
  • Kukmin Bank Daegu branch : 349, 401,650, 518, 704, 106, 202, 410-1, 909, 503, 730, 706, 303-1,
    Dong-gu1-1, express2
  • Hyundai Department or Dong A Shopping : 305, 405, 840, 414, 909, 609, Buk-gu2
  • Hyundai Department or Dong A Shopping : 305, 405, 840, 414-1, 609
The museum has a great website that should be very helpful:
The museum:
Open: 10 am – 6pm
Closed: Mondays, January 1st, The day of Korean Thanksgiving and New Year’s day.

The museum is free but you may need to pay for special exhibitions.

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