Monday, November 25, 2013

[Cafe/Press Article] G’Day Cafe

When Yeon-Kyung Kwon (CEO) and her sister, Yeon-Joo (sister) moved back from Australia to Korea a few years back, they missed the cafe vibe they felt there. Yeon-Joo had been a student while Yeon-Kyung studied the art of detectable sandwiches and coffee. So, in 2006, they opened G'Day Cafe in Manchon, where they started with only a couple of sandwiches and coffee selections.

Yeon-Kyung found it impossible to find focaccia bread in Korea, so she went to a baking school, became a certified chef, and started baking her own focaccia bread. Before long, they outgrew the tiny cafe in Manchon where they were renting and decided to buy an old house in Suseong-gu. They then converted the small house, even at the discouragement of others, into what is now the new G'Day. They turned the front yard into an outdoor patio so customers could enjoy the fresh air!

Yeon-Kyung and Yeon-Joo's goal was to create an environment for customers to go where they could feel cozy, comfortable, and maybe a little bit like they're on vacation. They especially wanted to create a place where everyone, including foreigners, could enjoy an all-day brunch that left aside traditional Korean ingredients in order to create that feeling of being back in Australia. The owners even cook meals for their employees while they're working because they want the energy to be more like family than business. It seems like they've just that, and that energy has extended to their customers as well.

G'Day boasts an excellent menu including a Pesto Chicken sandwich, Avocado-Cheese toast, and an all day brunch. The drink menu continues the impressiveness with nine teas, various coffee drinks, juices, smoothies, and an Aussie beer selection. Their main sandwich is the Focaccia Sandwich made on homemade Focaccia bread complete with cheese, chicken, grilled vegetables, and sun-dried tomatoes. One would be hard pressed to find its equal.

Suseong 4-ga 980-9, Suseong-gu , Daegu
대구광역시 수성구 수성동4 980-9
Mon - Sun: 9:00 am - 12:00 am
Subway: Beomeo Station, Exit 1
Bus (Beomeo Station Stop): 303, 309, 420, 425, 609, 649, 840, 939, 990

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