Friday, November 15, 2013

[Entertainment/Press Article] Daegu Dog and Cat cafes

Traveling brings with it so many exciting and interesting elements. Meeting new people, seeing new things and experiencing new adventures but one of the big things most travelers miss when I speak to them is the creature comforts of home, and by creature comforts I mean just that, their creatures, their pets.
If you have grown up with animals or have a soft spot for a puppy then Korea has devised a way to make you very happy. Dog and Cat cafes.
You have probably heard of this phenomenon by now. When I originally signed up to move to Korea it was on the top of my to-do list and it did not disappoint.

For those who are new to the concept:
A dog and cat café is a normal every day café with the added element of furry friends.
Normally you are required to buy a drink and then you are free to sit and enjoy a few cuddles with all the puppies and kittens you can lay your hands on.

I have been to a few in Korea but by far my favorite café can be found here in the lovely city of Daegu. I went a few months ago and was convinced it had disappeared until I happily stumbled on the place once more.

The café is in downtown Daegu and located very near to the stage. If you are stood facing the stage you will see two roads leading away from it. You need to walk down the road that has Mc Donalds on it until you come to the first left hand turn (about 20 meters down).
After you turn left, walk another 30 meters and you should see the large sign advertising the dog and cat café on the right hand side. (Here is an image below)

Once you have found this hidden gem, head up to the second floor.
The café costs 8000\ but this includes a delicious free drink (I recommend the sweet potato lattes) and all the time you want with both the cats and dogs.
The cats are on the 2nd floor where as the dogs are one more flight up.

I started off with the cats. They were all very comfy and willing to let anyone give them a stroke. The cafe provides you with a lovely skirt to wear to stop you getting covered in hair. The skirt also has the added bonus that it is very familiar to the animals. The occasions Ive worn one Ive found the animals very willing to come and take a seat in my lap.

Once you step into the cat café you will have to adjust your eyes to see the cats around you. They are hidden in every comfy crevasse and laying on every surface. The café has taken the time to make the room a lovely environment for the animals and you can see the care and attention they have for their furry friends. The café has also kindly come up with a system to make you aware of any cats or dogs that may be a little under the weather or that need to be approached slowly by putting a ribbon around their necks, although these are the ones who seem to love a cuddle the most (as long as they are the ones to pick you).

My favorite floor, not to be too biased, is the dog floor.
Upstairs you will find dogs of every possible shape and size. Tiny Chihuahuas, large Labradors and the cutest pug Ive ever seen named Mando.

The dogs get on really well and seem to spend the day wrestling each other as well as cuddling up with the visitors. You can by treats to give the dogs but be warned, 20 dogs is a lot of dogs to have chasing you when you have treats in your hands.
There is the inevitable odd accident from time to time but the caring and attentive staff are on hand within a moments notice to clean up any accidents that may occur.

This café has the added bonus that you can bring your own pooch to the party. If you do have your own dog you can bring him along to play with some new (and excitable) friends.

It is easy to spend at least 2 hours in this place without noticing so make sure you dont have anywhere to be when you step into this place. Once a puppy or cat decides you are his new favorite person and wants to cuddle up with you it will be very hard to move.

This is a great place to spend a lazy Sunday or to bring a friend that is visiting Korea

[Catdog Cafe]
120-16 Dongseongno 3(sam)-ga, Jung-gu, Daegu, South Korea


  1. So glad I found this. Will be visiting this cafe this weekend.

    1. Tell me how it is after visiting there! :-)