Wednesday, November 20, 2013

[Entertainment/Press Article] Learning Salsa Dance in Daegu

There’s a little known secret in Daegu, one that surprised me when I first arrived, and has shaped my experience since being here. I’m talking about the vibrant Latin dancing scene that is alive and kicking here in our very own city. About six years ago, Salsa for Foreigners began. It was an English-taught class, with a foreigner-based clientele. Every Saturday night, mostly English teachers would gather at Babalu (a dance studio in the heart of downtown), and learn LA style and Cuban style Salsa.

Latin Flavor, the official name of the group, has had a variety of parties over the years. They have involved themselves in fundraisers, and have gone and supported the Korean salsa groups as well. The group has expanded over the years, and since community has grown between the foreigner group and the Korean salsa groups, you are bound to see Koreans join in on our parties. These days, the popular form to learn is NY-style salsa, or “on 2” as they say. Don’t let the lingo intimidate you, so many newcomers have come to the class not knowing how to dance at all. With hard work, and a little courage, a beginner can do really well. The interesting thing about us foreigners is our ability to just go for it. 

We will dance even with the extremely brilliant Korean dancers who have practiced for years, and let them know, “Hey, I just started learning”. Carpe diem, seize the day. If you are already in Korea, why not do something else that’s out there. Try it out, you may possibly fall in love with it. Salsa is dramatic, the beat racing your heart and daring your feet to move faster than they should be physically capable of doing. It is elegant and wild at the same time. It is intricately complex and simple, it is closeness and measured space, it is harsh noises and smooth melodies, it is contradiction in its raw and refined form.


Latin Flavor’s classes are Saturdays 8PM (10,000 WON). They teach bachata and salsa on 2 (NY style).

You could join the Korean classes on the other following days:

Tuesdays ~ Salsita Bar (salsa)
Wednesdays ~ Salsita Bar (salsa)
Thursdays ~ Bonita Bar (salsa)
Friday ~ Babalu Bar (salsa) / Asurajang Bar (salsa)
All Korean classes ~ 8/9pm-12am (7,000 won)

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