Tuesday, November 12, 2013

[Exhibition] Daegu Art Fair 2013

Art Road 77 Art Fair-With Art, With Artist!

“Art Road 77 Art Fair” is a new alternative art fair that donates and shares through art.
“With Art, With Artist!” is the slogan that best expresses the purpose and intentions of the art fair.

“Art Road 77 Art Fair” was named after road number 77, the Jayu-ro(Freedom Road) along Han River and Imjin River. Once road number 77(starting from the south end of the Korea peninsula)is complete, it will meet with big and small roads, connect islands and shores, and make roads connect everywhere.
The “Art Road 77 Art Fair” is an event that dreams of uniting everyone on that road through art.
I believe in the goal of the Daegu Art Fair, which I have been participating since 2010. The two competitive art fairs in Daegu and Heyri are joining their competitor’s event and looking forward to sharing a win-win effect. I especially hope this new attempt will lead to a fruitful exchange and communication among local artists.
Ten young artists will participate in the “Art Road 77 Art Fair Exchange Exhibition”. The ten artists were selected from the 77 selected for the “Fourth Art Road 77 Art Fair” in May.
Kwon OhshinKim KisooKim DoniKim JinByun KyungsooIm JuriJeong Zik seongCho KwangpilHa TaebumHwang Saejin
are the young promising artists who are actively presenting their artworks. I hope that the unique and experimental works of these young artists will allow us to understand their artistic capabilities and actively support their works.

RED DOTS Ⅱ-“Japanese collector’s selection”

Participating Galleries
Gallery CautionGallery EdelJiro Miura GalleryKatsumi Yamato Gallery MegumiOgita GalleryGallery TomoGallery TsubakiOther galleries

Participating Artists
Jasper Johns, Nam June Paik, Jeff Koons, Andy Warhol, Takashi Murakami, Tadao Shoji, Mikiji Komade, Shozo Kayanagi, Yayoi Kusama, Junzo YUKI, Haruki MATSUMOTO, KONISHI, Torihiko, Caori FUJITA, Tsutomu ISHIHARA, Tatsuoki NAMBATA, Fumio NAMBATA, Lee U-Fan, Mayuka Yamamoto, Asa GO, Jock Sturges, Irina Ionesco, Man Ray, Nobuyoshi Araki, Alain Laboile, Toru TOHIGUCHI, KEIKO MIGITA, Yoshimasa Tsuchiya, Kengo Nakamura, Marefumi Komura, Frank TRANKINA, Holly Farrell

Daegu Art Fair Steering Committee has actively operated communication programs for foreign art market as part of globalization strategy of art fair. As part of it, RED DOTS is an exchange exhibition, holding RED DOTS Ⅱ-Japanese Art Collector’s Selection by focusing on Art Collector, a keyword currently attracting attention as one of the new trends in Japanese art. The planning will be showcasing a colorful display to visitors under the subject of Japanese art collectors’ choice and the variety of collector.

Japan has paid attention to the activities of art collectors such as several dozens of collectors hire a huge bus for a gallery tour or one year collection of works presented at the exhibition have been introduced in various media. In particular, there were many exhibitions one after another on the theme of personal collection in art museum or art space in this year. This tendency influences on nor only commercial gallery exhibitions but also exhibitions that famous private collectors selected the works, as well as events that collectors were invited as guests.
The reason that we pay attention to art collectors is that we art between analog and digital media generations. In the 21st Century, book culture such as art magazines and art book is fading while the information on arts is centered on digital media such as Twitter and Facebook for sharing and spreading.
Exhibition information and comments of gallery director art shared through SNS and sometimes, a description of the work by art collectors can be the evaluation criteria when a novice collector buys an art work.

Japanese art market introduces information on the Western art scene in real-time and has a long history by collecting representative movement or artists’ art work. The thick collector group from a professional collector to a student seems to be representing the wide and deep Japanese art market.
By defining dissemination and expansion of collection culture to public in East Asia as one of the important challenges, this exhibition will show the variety of real Japanese art collector to visitors. In addition, it will enhance the understanding of the collection culture as a key activation East Asian art market.

<2013 Daegu Art Fair>
Venue: 1F, EXCO
Date: Nov 13(Wed), 2013 – Nov 17(Sun)
Opening Times: 11:00~20:00(Nov 13 – Nov 16)

                             11:00~18:00(Nov 17)

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