Wednesday, November 13, 2013

[Exhibition] World Design Week in Daegu 2013

The 21st century; an era when walls among the academics have been tearing down, the distinction between manufacturers and customers has become obscure and the boundary of art and design has already broken up.
The field of modern design has reached the level of surprising 'Smart Design' which even considers the ecosystem as well as human beings after going through the formalistic level of the 'Good Design' and the mass production & consumption level of the 'Best Design'.

To keep pace with the trend of the current design world, the city of Daegu will hold the exhibition called the World Design Week in Daegu under the theme of 'Smart Design 3.0: Smart Bigbang' from Nov 13 at Daegu Gyeongbuk Design Center.
The main exhibitions consist 3 themes.

①[Design and Art: Becoming the One Once Again!]
In this era of convergence, the division of the roles between art and design is not meaningful any more.

②[Design for the Earth: Eco Creator]
Smart design means the design which is nice and clever. The alternative of resource depletion and pollution on the part of mass production becomes one of the major interests.

③[Design to help communication: Smart Communication]
Better communication means the interpersonal barriers are broken down or gotten lower than before. This exhibition shows the designs for easy communication as well as the progress of communication designs.

° Concurrent Opening Exhibition: Endangered Species Exhibition—UHD ZOO
Date: Nov 13(Wed), 2013 - Nov 10(Sat)
Venue: 1F, Daegu Gyeongbuk Design Center

° Next Generation Exhibition: Selected Good Design 2013
Date: Nov 13(Wed), 2013 - Nov 17(Sun)
Venue: 4F, Daegu Gyeongbuk Design Center

° Design Spot
-The Nanugi(Sharing) Shop/Design Spot #1: Smart Recycle @ The Nanugi Shop, 2F
-Design Spot #2: The materials of Design @ 3F
-Design Spot #3: Korean Design Membership @ 5F

° Creative Design Market
-A pop up store for the innovative products of one man business
Date/Time: Nov 13(Wed), 2013 - Nov 17(Sun) / 11:30 - 15:30
Venue: Outdoor Exhibition Hall

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