Thursday, November 7, 2013

[Information] Asia Orchestra Festival presents at the reopened Daegu Citizen Center

For some, it may have been a place to watch an animation film for the first time and for others, a place to have the first experience of a classical concert or maybe a pop star's concert. Though people may have different stories of their own, Daegu Citizen Center is the very place of having their 'first' experiences.

 Back then, when no proper concert hall was available, Daegu Citizen Center was the place for all the artists of Daegu to hold their performances. For 35 years, the center has been around as a specialized cultural space, and also as a multi-purpose auditorium.

With the three-year renovation, the Daegu Citizen Center has changed to a brand new classic concert hall. It now has the state-of-the-art sound system and a grand hall with 1300 seats.

To celebrate the renovation, the Asia Orchestra Festival will be held from November 29th until January 25th, 2014.

-Date/Time: Nov 29(Fri)/19:30
-Venue: Daegu Citizen Center
-Participants: Daegu Municipal Symphony Orchestra, the National Chorus, Daegu Metropolitan Chorus, Pohang Municipal Chorus
․ Suppe,
․ Rossini,
․ Mussorgsky,
․ Ahn Eak-tai,
․ Beethoven,

-Ticket: KRW 10,000~15,000

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