Friday, November 8, 2013

[Information] Myeongpum Maru Souvenir Shop Opens in Dongdaegu Train Station

If you have been in Seoul Train Station, you might have seen the big souvenir shop located in the center of the station. Like a select shop, ‘Myeongpum Maru’ sells excellent products of small but competent businesses of Korea.
Products with high quality, fine design and reasonable price draw a lot of Korean customers, too.

Recently, Myeongpum Maru souvenir shop has opened a branch in Dongdaegu train station. Since products of local competitive businesses of Daegu – including eyewear, textile products and local processed food – are also sold, it is expected to help activating local economy.

-Myeongpum Maru is located in Dongdaegu train station (next to Cham Time Restaurant)

-Opening Hours: 08:00~22:00

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