Friday, November 29, 2013

[Living] Recommendable Shopping Spots for Holiday!

As the holidays are coming, people are busy buying things for those who they love.
Though there's no big year-end bargain events like boxing day sale in Korea, but we still can find the ways to do savings. Colorfuldaegu lets you know some recommendable shopping spots in Daegu along with the bargain information!


Dongseongno is Daegu’s famed pedestrian street running through the center of downtown. Expect to see droves of young Koreans seeking the latest trends and styles from local and international brands. The area has also become a magnet for major department stores, as well as smaller ones offering great deals, such as Gallery Zone and XN Milano. Getting here is easy, as it is accessible from both of Daegu’s downtown subway stations, Banwoldang and Jungangno, as well as all taxi drivers in any corner of the city will know the most expedient way to get there.
In Korea, the word, 'sale' is generally used to imply discounts rather than selling products. When you pass a shop in Dongseongno reading "sale", don't miss it. Ask the staff using Korean, 세일해요?(Salehaeyo?; Are you on a bargain sale?)

[Department Stores]
Unlike Western shopping culture, Daegu doesn’t have shopping malls. But what they have instead, are towering department stores, featuring all kinds of brands straight out of the fashion catwalks of Paris and New York. Major department stores in Daegu include:

Hyundai Department Store, is the newest department store to the shopping scene and is a hotspot for shopping enthusiasts. It’s located by Exit 18 of Banwoldang Station.
Bargain Sale
-Offers 10~50% off for the 2013 best items
-Period: Nov 22, 2013 - Dec 8. 2013

Lotte Department Store has 3 locations, including their main one at Daegu Station, Lotte Young Plaza by Jungangno Station, and another large one on the city’s west side by Sangin Station. Recently, Lotte has opened up Lotte Shopping Plaza in the east side, at Yulha Station, featuring Lotte Outlet and the only Toys R’ Us in the city.
Bargain Sale
-Period: Nov 22, 2013 - Dec 8. 2013
-Offers 30~50% off for high-end brands and winter wardrobes

Daegu Department Store has been a mainstay in the city for years and still attracts a strong following to its two locations, at Debec on Dongseongno, and Debec Plaza, 10 minutessouth of Kyungpook National University Hospital Station.
Bargain Sale
-70% brands in Debec and Debec Plaza are on bargain sale
-Period: Nov 22, 2013 - Dec 8. 2013
-Offers 20~30% off for women's clothing, Men's clothing, Children's wear and Fashion accessories / the boots and skiing gears

Daegu also has various outdoor shopping outlets that allow shoppers to stroll in pleasant weather.

Lotte Mall is a large shopping complex near the Daegu airport, at Esiapolis. The fabulous and convenient layout of the complex is akin to a Western-mall experience.

Moda Outlet is a outlet complex offering great deals on last year’s fashion. Located south of Keimyung University, it is best reached by taking a taxi from Exit 3 of Keimyung University Station.

Queen’s Road is a picturesque outlet district tucked away 5-10 minutes north of Gamsam Station.

NC Outlet is a sprawling indoor outlet located conveniently near EXCO and Costco, northeast of downtown

The Block is a quaint outlet shopping experience, if you find yourself on the far-east side of the city, near Gyeongsan. It’s located just minutes east of Exit 4 of Gaksan Station.

[Traditional Markets]
For any visitor to Daegu, a walk through one of Daegu’s vibrant street markets is an experience not to be forgotten. There’re sights, sounds and smells of their own. Great bargains, memorable souvenirs, traditional food are also in the place. They have something for everyone.

Seomun Market is Daegu’s largest and oldest market, which has over 4000 shops in the indoor and outdoor sections, ranging from vendors selling agricultural and farm goods, fish and seafood, to home appliances. It’s located east of downtown and just minutes north of Exit 1 of Seomun Market Station.

Chilseong Market is another old market, located just northwest of Daegu’s downtown core. Offering fresh produce and second hand appliances, this market is also famous for having some amazing old-school restaurants tucked away in the back streets.

Bangchon Market is a feast for the eyes, particularly if you visit the night market on Saturdays, which has become an innovative convergence of art exhibits and tradition market shopping. It’s located minutes east of Exit 3 of Kyungpook National University Station.

Although Daegu doesn’t have Wal-marts, they do have the same concept, in the form of Mega-Marts.
The most notable ones in Daegu are E-Mart (이마트) and Home Plus (홈플러스). Regardless of where you are in Daegu, you’ll most surely be within taxi range of one of these major shopping complexes.
Additionally, Costco is located not far from EXCO, as well as Daegu Airport, and you’ll be happy to know that many of your shopping favorites that you can expect to find in Western Costcos, can also be found here.


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