Tuesday, November 26, 2013

[Living] Where to Buy Christmas Trees in Daegu?

Christmas is left only a month!
There will be full of glowing lights wherever we go and big beautiful Christmas trees are rigged up every here and there.
If you want to do up your house with a beautifully ornamented Christmas tree to create a holiday mood not knowing where to buy the materials, note the following information~~~ :-)

①Chilseong Flower Market
There are several shops that sell trees of various sizes as well as all sorts of ornaments. Since the stores are located in a large flower market, you may meet the tall beautiful genuine birch trees there!!

[Art-Topi-A: The shop where sells the real birch trees]
Address: 528-4, Chilseongdong 2-ga, Buk-gu, Daegu

②Seomun Market
In Seomun market, which has almost everything you expect, they sell Christmas trees and ornaments as well. You can buy various sizes and types of trees in the range of 20,000won to 200,000won.
Take the pleasing scenes of the crowded market as your bonus~~~~ ^^

③The Modern House in Dong-a Department Store
The Modern House is popular to homemakers because of its fancy european-style products with a reasonable price. For Christmas holidays, they carry a variety of fancy items for Christmas party including Christmas trees and ornaments.

If you are tired or have no time for Christmas shopping, it will be the wisest choice to visit supermarkets like Homeplus or E-mart.
Especially, you can get the tree and ornaments at 20,000won or less during their promotion period.

We get more excited and happier in those days when we prepare for the holidays than the very day. Everybody enjoys the happy wait for the remaining one month until the Christmas day comes :-)