Monday, November 4, 2013

[Restaurant/Press Article] Balaji – The Indian Restaurant in Daegu

Authentic Indian cuisine is hard to come by in Daegu. There are a few – before finding this hidden gem  I had been an aficionado of Maya, but those days are long gone. There is a new kid on the block.

As you walk inside the restaurant you a bombarded by the ostensibly bright, vivacious colours that one associates with India. Purples and greens embellish the walls and table clothes; and the jauntily buoyant tones of Bollywood can't help but instill a sense of euphoric glee. As you take your seat and are handed a menu, the fragrant aromas of cumin and mustard seeds are enough to rekindle even the most jaded of appetites.

Balaji is sumptuous Indian food – a full frontal attack on the taste buds.  It's also incredibly cheap in comparison to some of the other Indian restaurants in the area. Prices for each of the dishes, be it korma, curry, masala, vary from a meager 6,000 to 9,500 won. Vegetarians, too, are not omitted from the delicacies and have a choice of four or five different dishes – the dal makani would be my pick of the bunch. You also get a free Naan bread of your choice (garlic is the best, obviously). Samosas are 3,000 won for two portions. A number of different teas are also available, including chai at just 2,000 won.

The waitress who serves you speaks excellent English and is hugely hospitable. Since eating here the first time about a month ago, it's now routine to go every Saturday afternoon – it's hard to resist. Every time I've been it's not been very busy, and I think this is because it's no too well known. After I finish eating, I instantly want to grab a megaphone and address a throng; this article is the best I could get to a megaphone. I urge all lovers of Indian cuisine to promptly book a night with Balaji.

[The Balaji Restaurant]
Address:  2F, 6-3, Dongsungro 1Ga, Jung-gu, Daegu, South Korea
Phone: 053-425-3242

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