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[Restaurant/Press Article] Shabu Shabu Restaurant at Duryu, 샤브향(Shabu Hyeong)

Shabu Shabu is a food I hadn’t experienced until coming to Korea. It is Japanese in origin but can be experienced in quite a few Korean restaurants. My personal favorite is Shabu Hyeong in Duryu.

This hidden gem is on the main road of Duryu but set back from the pavement, allowing for cars to park below it. If you have a car an attendant will be happy to park it for you, which is a rare and nice touch.

When you enter the restaurant your first impression may be the beautiful décor. The small touches such as the foliage and fairy lights create a relaxed atmosphere and am inviting environment in which to enjoy your meal.

The restaurant is normally very full and it isn’t unusual to have a 45 minute wait on weekends so if you are planning to visit then a phone call to reserve a table may be needed. There is a waiting room for you to sit in but if you go on a week night you can normally be seated within five minutes if not sooner.

For those of you that aren’t accustom to Shabu Shabu it is a broth based dish with the ‘self- cooking’ aspect that is so appealing with Korean BBQ.
You can choose to have meat (such as duck, beef and pork), seafood or a combination of both and you may choose between a spicy broth base and a non spicy alternative. I am not a fan of overly spicy food so I stick with the un-spiced version.

The staff here are very attentive and very good at helping you if you are new to this process so don’t worry if you don’t have a clue what’s expected of you.

Basically you wait for the broth to heat up and add your chosen ingredients. The extensive salad provided, which includes cress, beetroot, onions, carrots, pineapple and lots more are great ingredients to fill your broth with and personalize your meal. Once you have added your vegetables you can start letting your meat and seafood cook. The think slices of meat turn brown extremely quickly so you can start feasting relatively soon.

The wraps provided represent had plastic discs before you wet them but after quickly dipping them in the water you will be able to fill them with your desired meat, salad and sauces before wrapping them up and popping them in your mouth.

The meal is sectioned into different course:
1st: cooking the meat and creating wraps
2nd: eating the broth that has grown in flavor with the ingredients you have added
3rd: Noodles are added once you have finished your meet to soak up the remaining broth
4th: Porridge rice is then added to soak up the final delicious dregs and to make sure you won’t move for an hour from being so full.

The meal is exciting and filled with different stages which make it a great place to go with friends. The first time I went I was confused and confounded as to what was expected of me. By the end (and with lots of help from my Korean friends) I was a convert.

Since my first experience I have visited a few different Shabu Shabu restaurants including an ‘all you can eat’ affair but the Duryu restaurant surpasses the rest. This is because of the attentive staff and lovely atmosphere as well as the tasty meat cuts and vast choices of side dishes to add to your meal. There is also the option of adding a BBQ ring to your meal to allow you to combine the Shabu shabu and Korean BBQ experience.

As the nights are getting darker quicker and the heating is starting to be turned on, this is the perfect winter comfort food and my new firm favorite discovery while I’ve been here in Korea.

Definitely worth a visit. 

If you want to find 샤브 향 (Shabu Hyeong) you can take the subway to Duryu on the green line and leave from exit 6. Walking down the main road for about 40 meters, past the cinema and KFC it will be set back from the road and probably have a parking attendant helping people park their cars.
458-49 Naedang 4(sa)-dong, Seo-gu, Daegu, South Korea ‎

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To book a table you can call: 053-568-0011
Go up the stairs and you are ready to feast.

The restaurant does have tables and floor seating. You can request a table when you reserve but you can also book a room for larger groups that will have floor seating.

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