Thursday, November 14, 2013

[Tour] Mt. Palgongsan Olle Road

Mt. Palgongsan

Mt. Palgongsan, Daegu’s guardian mountain, rises 1,192m above sea level and its ridge is 20km long. The main peak is Birobong Peak, from which Dong-bong and Seo-bong stretch outwards towards the east and west, respectively. Mt. Palgongsan encompasses notable thousand-year old temples, such as the Donghwasa, Buinsa and Pagyesa temples. There are also trekking courses along the valleys cradling clean and clear water, which attract many people who enjoy trekking.

When you walk slowly along the Olle road of Mt. Palgongsan, you can rediscover the precious things which are often forgotten in the busy days of modern life. After walking the Olle Road, and partaking in some of the local cuisine, produced and cooked on site, bathing in the hot springs is another splendid beauty of Mt. Palgongsan.

This illustration of green sneakers is the logo which symbolizes the Daegu Olle road.

And the yellow signs like this functions as milestones of the Olle road.

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