Monday, December 2, 2013

[Entertainment/Press Article] The Photo Booth Phenomenon

Im not ashamed to say that from time to time I am extremely girlie. I want the chance to dress up , be silly and be surrounded by pink things, so the Daegu photo booth room was something Ive been looking forward to experiencing in Daegu.

The photo booth zone is a building filled with highly lit and very pretty booths (as well as a massive Pikatchu statue.)

Photo booths with editing facilities are Japanese phenomenon that you will notice quite a lot if you visit Tokyo but this unusual and fun past time has made its way to Daegu.

The process is simple. You go to the building, choose your booth, get money turned into change (you will need a lot of 500\ coins) , take your silly photos and then edit them to your hearts desire.

There are many booths to choose from ranging from 5000 won up to 7000 won. The booth we chose was The beauty booth. We ran inside the lovely lit green screen room and start blindly pressing buttons. None of my friends can read Korean so it took a bit of guess work but we crossed our fingers and hoped for the best. We went for the Sweet photography option which meant we got a pink and pretty set of borders to choose from. 
After some highly sophisticated posing. (The sillier the better) we picked 4 photos from the 6 we had taken and left the booth satisfied that wed made appropriate fools of ourselves.

Then we were a little lost as of what to do. A kind lady directed us to the editing booth around the corner where you are given two touch screen pens and a myriad of choices. There are menus within menus with every option possible, what hair color, eye color, stickers to place in the photo, hats to add, backgrounds to change. We were in our element. Its good to remember that the photos will be small so you dont need to be too precious. Each pen controls a different side of the screen so we both picked a pen and went to work editing our pictures. After a lot of trial and error (and finally finding where the undo button wasarrows in the top hand corner) we finished up our creations and pressed print.

The photos came out quickly and we were given two sets which was brilliant as you can share the photos up easily.
It was a great way to spend a few hours and for a small amount of money you can have a perfect souvenir for a day spent in Daegu. Overall the girl, photo & fun booths are getting a 9/10 . The extra point is only because of the lack of English but to be honest it kind of added to the experience.

To find the photo booths:

If you are stood facing the stage in downtown Daegu it is the street on your left (you need to be walking away from Burger King) Walk straight up the street for about 4 minutes, you should walk past the Ddaboki tent on your left and keep going straight through the coffee shop junction (literally every corner has a different 24 hour coffee shop on it). The building will be big, purple and have a massive Pikatchu inside. Its quite hard to miss.

[쁘띠오디션(Petit Audition)]
Address: 55-54 Gongpyeong-dong, Jung-gu, Daegu, South Korea


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