Friday, December 6, 2013

[Living] Korean Useful Folk Remedies in Winter Time

Every country has their own ways to cope diseases that has been handed down from old times. Korea, where had been influenced by Chinese oriental medicine, also has many kinds of folk remedies to deal with various diseases.
In these days, various diseases and accidents have occurred frequently as the weather gets cold. For that reason, let's find our what ways Koreans have been used to keep their health in winter time from old days.

-Common Cold / Flu
Colds are the most common disease when winter comes that temperature dropped. A popular remedy people use is drinking hot tea a lot. Koreans drink a variety of homemade, especially when they get a cold.

They drink some tea brewed roots of green onions with some sugar, pears with honey, or they drink cinnamon tea and ginger tea, either.
Above this, Koreans drink ground white radishes or eat 5-6 of uncooked garlic at each meal.

The symptoms of rhinitis are also getting worse in the winter time. To relieve the symptoms, the food, which has an effect that goes up the body heat, is used a lot.

Drinking ginger tea regularly or wearing a piece of green onion like a patch on your nose. It sounds a little bit silly, but it works to the symptoms of rhinitis!
When your nose is stopped up because of rhinitis, sunk in salt water using straw and spit it put. You surely feel better temporarily.

-Atopic Dermatitis
Cold and dry air makes atopic dermatitis patients suffer.

When you take a bath, using teabags of green tea and hardwood charcoal for bath preparation not only prevents bacterial infection on your skin, but it also stop the itching.
In addition, eating mung-bean gruel helps to ease off the atopic dermatitis.

-High Blood Pressure
Winter seasons are also danger to hypertensive patients. The first thing you do, of course, is losing weight. Or, there are other ways to bring down your blood pressure in Korean folk remedies.

 Pickled soybeans in vinegar are known for working on reducing blood pressure. Because lecithin in soybeans and amino acid in vinegar prevent sclerosis of the ateries.
The tea made of persimmon leaves works on reducing blood pressure as well.

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