Monday, December 16, 2013

[Living/Press Article] The Daegu Cooking Shop – Samwon Sangsa

For many people Christmas is about the tree or the carols but for a lot of people, its about the food! As Nat King Cole is blasted from every shop and the stockings are hung you may be getting a familiar craving for your festive treats from home well worry no more because Sam Won decoration & cooking store near Daegu Station has every cooking ingredient and cooking utensil you could need to create your own version of Christmas.

This small and unassuming store is located a minutes walk from the subway exit 4 of Daegu Station. It is located above a factory so you may think you have taken a wrong turn but head up to the 2nd floor to find everything you need for a culinary master piece. This small retail shop isnt polished or nicely finished like other stores but if you are in need of a rolling pin or sprinkles you wont mind too much for the messy décor.

There are cake cases, real butter, icing sugar and every flavoring possible (to name just a few things). You can also buy home made chocolate in store if all of the ingredients are a little too daunting.

The staff are used to foreigners and are extremely helpful. If they dont have an item they will try to advice you where to get it or even order it in for you.
The cost of certain items is a little steep but it is one of the few places you will find them so the import costs add up.

For Christmas there are cake toppers and Christmas themed packaging. Perfect if you are hoping to show your Korean friends a little piece of home. I for one will definitely be buying an oven now that I know I can reassume my passion for cooking.

All of my friends who are cooking fiends have stocked up on gingerbread moulds, vanilla flavoring and of course real cream.
It is a little shop but a great idea. If you do enjoy cooking then it is a good place to search for ideas as well as ingredients.

To find the shop:

Head to Daegu Station (The subway stop not the train station) and got to exit 4. From the exit you should be able to see the blue neon sign on the right about 15 meters down the road. If not then walk out from exit 4, turn right and walk for less than a minute. On your left you will walk past a large cream colored sign on the ground for the Sam Won Decoration store. Above the factory on the 2nd floor you will find the cooking store. 

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