Monday, December 9, 2013

[Tour/Press Article] Daegu Herb Hillz & Eco Adventure

The brisk chill in the air is definitely signaling to everyone in Daegu that its winter time and what better way to say goodbye to the summer than by seeing the last remnants of Autumn in Daegus own Herb Hillz.

Herb Hillz is a nature park located on the outskirts of town. Its very accessible by bus and has many things to do and see.
As well as a fairground for the little ones and a number of classes that teach skills from cookie baking to pottery painting you can challenge yourself to really shake off those winter cobwebs before they set in and zip line your way around the park.

The Eco Air is a series of assault courses up in the tree tops. After a safety talk from the friendly staff, which is in Korean but if you are English speaking they are very patient and willing to explain as clearly as they possibly can, I felt I knew what was needed to complete the course. Once you are in your harnesses, have your gloves, and helmet you just need a boost of confidence before being sent up into your chosen assault course.

The course we chose for this cold Saturday was the King Kong course, the highest level of difficulty, not because we are skilled professionals but because we like a challenge and the adrenaline would get the blood flowing to our frozen noses.
There are 9 other levels to choose from, each a different level of difficulty. There is even a course located on the floor were parents can walk along side their kids as they try the challenge.
Once we were suited up we ascended into the trees and suddenly it seemed extremely high. The first part of the course required us to climb a wall with very small foot holds. I have to admit this was one of the hardest parts of the course so once you pass that its plain sailing. There is a bit of a scary moment once youve set yourself up on the zip line. Taking that first step of the edge can feel very un-natural but it was a real thrill once I talked myself into it. A weird edition to the course is the skateboard that your hook yourself onto and skate through the trees. Those zip lines do come in a little fast, especially the last one on the course so be ready to grab the net or you will be squashed.
The course lasted about an hour and a half but felt like 10 minutes. Although it was the hardest course Id definitely recommend it to anyone. The two people I did the course with are a little afraid of heights and they were maneuvering around like pros by the end of the day. Its definitely something Ill be doing again.

After all of that excitement we relaxed by exploring more of the park. Our first stop was the zoo. The range of animals in this small part is impressive. Unfortunately we didnt get time to see the Sea lion show but it promises to be delightful. If the rest of the part is anything to go by Im inclined to agree.
The animals in the zoo range from deer and guinea pigs to monkeys and donkeys. Some animals such as the lovely tiny rabbits are even pet-able but you will find it hard to put them back when its time to go.

On our way home we wandered through the lovers walk which displays inspirational quotes as you walk. This would be a great location for a date or just a laugh with your best friend. The herb garden was one of my favorite features. This is located very close to the zip lining facilities. It is full of amazing smells and beautiful flowers (as well as a shop to buy all your herb related treats).

In the Herb garden, there are also lots of fantastic photo opportunities to try your hand at. It made for lots of fun and definitely something Id recommend trying out if you are in the park.
The beautiful waterfalls and changing leaves were the perfect way to end a lovely day.
We all were silenced for a while as we took in the beautiful surroundings.
Herb Hillz really does supply every variable for a great day out. There is adventure, beauty and relaxation.

Although its not the perfect time of year to go it is none the less breathe taking surroundings and a lot quieter than the rest of the year. You will be able to experience autumn as well as get some photos without the hordes of tourists.

So wrap up warm and put some adventure and nature into your autumn and winter.

[Herb Hillz]
Address: 534-1, Yonggye-ri, Gachang-myeon, Dalseong-gun, Daegu, South Korea 
Contact: +82 53-767-6300

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