Tuesday, January 28, 2014

[Information] For the Happy Life of Foreign Residents in Daegu!

Daegu government carries forward a policy for foreign residents' better living under the catch phrase; 'A Happy and vibrant life in Daegu with the citizens of the world'.

▲Supporting living conveniences
Daegu government is planning to publish a guide book on transportation, tour and medical services as well as general information about the city for foreign residents to have better life in Daegu.
The guide book will be translated into many other languages. It also contains useful phone numbers of institutes/service centers, and many other practical information like how to separate and send out the recyclable wastes or how to pay gas bill etc.

▲Constructing a support policy system for foreign residents and multi-cultural families
To ensure the stable life of foreign residents and multi-cultural families, the government will have a survey on their actual condition, which would be a base data of constructing foreigners support policy. The government will also hold a council meeting and a practical working level consultation with relative organizations. The organizations will carry out supporting tasks through close cooperation one another.

▲Social interaction and communication with foreigners
Some foreign students and foreign language teachers will have chances to experience Daegu by attending 'Global Talk' and sharing their experiences they had in Daegu. The government is also planning to translate some major events into 5 other languages for foreign resident to participate in the civic operation of Daegu.

▲Free medical service and legal counseling service for foreign workers
The foreign workers who don't have time or money to go to see a doctor can get medical services at Daegu medical association, Daegu medical center, free dental clinics and volunteer clubs for foreign workers on every sunday.
In addition, Daegu local lawyer's association will give a help to foreign workers for free.

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