Friday, January 24, 2014

[Living] What is it like that foreigners get LASIC surgery in Daegu?

Going to see a doctor in a foreign country where communication is limited is a puzzled and complicated work. Not to mention medical procedure or surgery, even getting general treatments is such a complicated problem. The number of foreigners who are seeking medical help is on the rise. For this issue, the city of Daegu decided to help some specific hospitals for foreigners by offering medical specialized translation as well as medical services of high quality.

Here's a story of a patient whose name is Dan. He was one of the foreigners who recently received a LASIC surgery at the ophthalmic clinic in Daegu. His Friend, Lee, who accompanied with, observed how well Dan was treated and how high the level of medical services that the clinic in Daegu offers to foreigners was.

Dan made an appointment for an eye exam a week prior to the LASIC surgery. When visiting the clinic, he was advised not to wear contact lenses for a week since. A week later, on the very surgery day, he arrived at the vision correction department of the clinic in time. An interpreter who specialized in medical field was waiting for him at the clinic.

Since the interpreter had lived in Canada for 20 years, her English was perfect. Dan agreed on the personal information collecting policy and signed the consent form.

Before receiving LASIK eye surgery, Dan needed to go through lots of tests to check wether the surgery fits him. Throughout all the tests, Dan was informed, of course with the help of the interpreter, how much his vision would be corrected, what procedure would be taken, etc. The interpreter was so good at explaining all the process that Dan could understand completely.

After the test, a doctor who seemed to have had many cases with foreign patients talked with Dan without the help of interpreter. The doctor explained what the ideal surgical method was and when the best date for surgery was considering his physical, environmental condition and his preference. Dan was very satisfied with the service the clinic offers.

If you also need some medical help but get in trouble with language problem, call 1345 and get information about that. Or you can ask me, then I'll contact the medical department of Daegu government whether not you still get right answer.

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