Monday, January 20, 2014

[Nightlife/Press Article] Hot Gossip Lounge―A Lounge Bar in Daegu

Hot Gossip opened its doors at the end of December, bringing a new level of class to Waegookin Way, the street very familiar to most foreigners in downtown Daegu. Hot Gossip has the room and the space to make you feel as if you are in New York City, with its multi-level seating areas to its high two-story ceiling. 

 Its smoking room reminds you of the random niche you found in Paris, and the windows and lights remind you of a Gothic church you saw in London.

The drinks are decently priced, and if you are hungry for a pizza or some other appetizer then that can easily be found here as well. The raspberry mojito (10,000 WON) was a pleasant surprise. It lacked the strong mojito flavor, but having actual raspberries in a drink made for an easily forgiven oversight. The margarita (9,000 won) was perfectly divine and frozen, their Long Island (9,000) did not taste like the typical overly sweet you find in Daegu and their Berninirita (12,000) is their most popular drink. They also carry some nice non-alcoholic drinks, such as the Apple Yogurt Lounge or the Virgin Piña Colada. 

 The only concern is flagging down a waiter; it may just be easier to go to the bar. The only complaint is no soap in either bathroom, and the men’s bathroom do not have mirrors. Parking is available directly in front of the lounge, for patrons only.

[Hot Gossip Lounge]
Directions: Hot Gossip is between Bunny’s and Rock & Taco, across from Pan Asia.
Address: 62 Gongpyeong-dong, Jung-gu, Daegu, South Korea

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