Friday, January 10, 2014

[Tour] A Special Tour in Daegu, the City of Beauty

Attention all who are interested in fashion and beauty, or want something different in tour program! We are welcoming you who anticipate a beauty experience in Daegu.
During the program, while enjoying all the things about beauty, you'll discover the beauty permeating in your body and soul.
This is Daegu, an attractive city of beauty!

●Being healthy and beautiful―Medi Tour

-Comprehensive Health Medical Examination
The results of medical examination are in within 24 hours. Get a one-stop 'Comprehensive Health Medical Examination' with high-tech medical devices.

-Hair Transplantation
Get your self-confidence back with hair transplant! Experience the worlds-best 'Hair Transplantation Surgery' proudly presented by Daegu City where the first innovative hair transplantation technique was developed in 1992.

-Oriental Medical Service
Daegu is very proud of having the Korean's oldest, about 350 year-old, oriental medicine market. Why don't you go and experience the 'Oriental Medical Service'?

-Skin Aesthetics
You will get younger skin in such a short time! Get chances of all kinds of skin treatments in Daegu.
Skin Care, Laser Toning & Whitening, Botox Filler, Hair Care, etc.
[Duration & Fees]
 Skin Care: 60 mins/ 50,000 KRW & up
 Laser Toning & Whitening: 60 mins/ 150,000KRW & up
 Botox, Filler: 30 mins~60 mins/ 300,000KRW & up
 Scalp & Hair Care: 60 mins/ 66,000KRW & up

●Perfect your fashion style―Fashion & Beauty Tour
The tour course offers a chance of fashion model experience to participants.

-The theme of each tour course
①The wedding dress
②The Korean traditional costume
③The evening dress

-The process of the tour courses
[ Personal hair styling & makeup serviceq─A class for modeling in the catwalk & posing like a fashion model in the photo studio─Special performance─Fashion show─Commemorative photograph taking ]

●A journey in search of inner beauty ;a travel course to search for inner beauty of oneself in a quiet and peaceful place.

-The pine tree lined road in Mt.Palgong
This allee is one of the most beautiful trekking courses in Mt.Palgong. The fresh air come from a pine forest will relieve both your physical and mental fatigue.

-Temple staying program in Donghwasa
The program offers an experience of a temperate living and a state of being deep in meditation. It's a good place for healing and finding the conscious "I" while staying in the temple.

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