Friday, February 14, 2014

[Information] Low-cost airlines opens new air routes from Daegu to Jeju

Not many would deny that Jeju is the most attractive tourist region in Korea. Since the recent sub-specialized Jeju tour packages to the needs of respective customers, more and more people come to visit the island than ever.
To reflect this trend, 2 domestic low-cost airlines decided to service flights with affordable fare between Daegu and Jeju from coming March. Tourists will be able to buy the flight tickets for Jeju at 30% lower price comparing to mega carriers. Wow!

Pack your things to hit the road(?) to Jeju Island full of wonderful views of nature. You will enjoy the richness and variety of food there while meeting the unique culture of the island which is quite different from that of mainland.

○Tʼway Airline
-Airfare: 26,000won (one-way) including airport charges and a bunker adjustment factor
-Operation Period: Mar 30, 2014~May 31, 2014
-Ticket Reservation & Inquiry: Tʼway Airline website( or phone(1688-8686)

○Jeju Airline
-Operation Period: July 3, 2014~ (Ticketing is available from Mar 3)
-Ticket reservation & Inquiry: Jeju Airline website( or phone(1599-1500)


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