Monday, February 3, 2014

[Information] New football fields and baseball parks for citizens

Daegu City has opened two football fields and three mini baseball parks on the banks of the Geumhogang River in Secheon, Sangyeok and Bongmu, whose construction was completed at the end of 2013. 

The Construction Headquarters of the city, last April, finished transforming the Geumhogang into an ecological river that allows people and nature to coexist. This has not only improved the water in the river but also now offers stable habitats for plants and animals. The newly constructed riverside facilities include 19 theme parks, 41km-long bike paths, 107 sports facilities, four ecological educational centers and rest facilities. These facilities are receiving good responses from citizens, contributing much to the improvement of their leisure life.

The demand for these facilities has drastically increased over the last year, especially among sports club members and office workers, who want to exercise in an open and comfortable environment. The explosive popularity has resulted in a necessity for diverse sports facilities in addition to the existing ones (107 facilities of 9 types, including 20 football fields, 14 ballparks, 13 basketball courts, 23 foot volleyball courts, 5 badminton courts and 20 others). 

To meet the demand, Daegu City has built two additional football fields and three mini ballparks in Secheon, Sangyeok and Bongmu, in consideration of users’ demands, accessibility and regional balance.

The facilities built along the upper stream of Secheongyo (one football field and two mini ballparks) are expected to relieve the demand from citizens living in the Seongseo, Dasa and Seojae areas. The construction of a football field along the upper stream of Sangyeokdaegyo has widened the chances for citizens to use a football field. The mini ballpark in Bongmu is also expected to promote sports among the residents of the Bullo, Bongmu-dong and Asiapolis districts.

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