Tuesday, February 25, 2014

[Information] Oppa! Take me to Korea! ─ A famous blogger from Singapore named 'littlemisshoo' published a travel guide book of Daegu!

Rosalind Hoo(Nickname: littlemisshoo), who works for Bank of America Merill Lynch in Singapore, is leading a group of travel bloggers in Southeast Asia.

After having been fascinated by the series of Korean soap operas and K-pops, she visited Korea more than 10 times since 2002. As her interests in Korean entertainment were expended to many other things she met in Korea, she started to introduce tourist attractions, especially Seoul and Jeju, on her blog.

Here's how the story started. One day, Hoo visited the exhibition of National Association of Travel Agents Singapore (NATAS) and got some information about Daegu. By some chance, she was lucky enough to be invited to Daegu by Daegu government to look around some tourist spots and a couple of locations of movie/TV series shooting. She finally decided to publish a travel guide book, titled ‘Oppa! Take me to Korea!’ introducing the tourist spots, restaurants and cafes which she had visited in Daegu.

Hoo described Daegu as a clean, full of richness of various food and lovely city in the book. The best thing, she wrote, while she was in Daegu, was that she could enjoy many experiential programs in the city. 

The tourist spots she recommended were the café ‘C’est La Vie’, the campus of Keimyung University, Yangnyeongsi museum of oriental medicine, Kim Kwang-Seok Street, Seomun market, Donghwasa temple and several restaurants. Not only the attractions aforementioned but also general tourism information on transportations, the location of information centers, and the web sites of Daegu tour are introduced in the book.

You can find this wonderful guide book at Gyobo book store (Seoul and Daegu) and Amazon as well.

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