Friday, February 7, 2014

[Tour] Renewed Spa Valley and the Garden of Lights

It’s a well-known fact that hot bathing is good for health.
If so, do you know that taking a bath is helpful in emotional way when people fell all alone? It’s because the warn water works like a body temperature, so people feel like a physical affection with other persons by soaking in the water.
Especially, we miss a hot bath even more in the cold weather. So, why don’t you going a spa trip to relax your mind and body this weekend?

The spa valley in Daegu faithfully takes a role as a water park in summer season though, the various facilities of Spa Valley prove its real worth to enjoy bathing in the hot spring or having a sauna in winter season.

Oriental Herb Spa Zone
①The Stone Therapy: The soles are get acupressure therapy by the stones stuck on the ground, so it helps blood circulation in the whole body.
②Aroma Therapy with Oriental Herb: The therapy helps to recover from fatigue by warming feet with oriental herb for 10 mins.
③The Bathe Pool with Oriental Herb: The hot spring put oriental herb bath preparation.
④The Open-Air Bath with Oriental Herb: The open-air bath gets your head cold, but it gets your body warm, so it has an effect on activating blood circulation and recovering from fatigue.

○Aqua Play: It’s an entertaining space for enjoying hot springs with internal amusement facilities in the water.

○Nano Bubble Spa: By generating minute particles of water bubble in the bath, the spa gives a sterilizing effect and a skin care effect on your body.

After enjoying hot bathing well at ease, you will bump into the fantastic attractions to see. It’s the ‘Forest Garden of Lights’. This magnificent spectacle is a luminarie garden made during renewal of all facilities last year.

[Spa Valley]
-Free Pass Ticket Price

-Sauna and Hot Spring Price

-Opening Time: 09:00 ~ 20:00
-Address: 27-9 Nangcheon-ri, Gachang-myeon, Dalseong-gun, Daegu

-Phone: 053-608-5000

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