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[Tour/Press Article] Some Ideas of Date Spot In Valentine's Day

Its that time of year when the air is light with the feeling of love and the streets seem littered with happy couples. If you are looking for some ideas of what to do in Daegu with that special someone here are some ideas of date spot that will cheer up even the biggest romantic cynic.

Its the obvious choice but dont under estimate a good movie. There are many cinemas to choose from but they all will get booked up quite fast so use this handy English web page to see whats on in your area and book ahead of time:
If you are feeling especially fancy you could even treat your date to some popcorn but maybe avoid the garlic and onion flavor.

55 Dining

This new restaurant opened its doors in December and is the perfect private nook to hide away in this Feb 14th. Its beautiful interior is reminiscent of a French 1950s romance. The tiny details such as the hand painted plates and antique Hendricks gin glasses add a sense of class that will have any lady swooning. A meal cost 32,000\ for two people and the courses are all chosen for you so you dont have to mull over the menu for hours. The restaurant serves you 7 courses of delicious food that is all organic and fresh. If that isnt enough there is also a very ample list of sharing cocktails on their computerized menus that will put a bit of color into your evening.

How to get there:
This place really is a hidden gem. If you start at SamDuk fire station you need to walk into town, there is a very small alley way next to The Indian Café. Walk straight down this alley for about 4 minutes and straight ahead there will be a blue building. This is 55 Dining.
55-21 Samduckdong 1-ga, Jung-gu, Daegu(대구광역시 중구 삼덕동1 55-21)

Call here for a reservation: 053-214-5521


If the Valentine s Day will be the first time you have been on a date maybe you want to do something casual and just go for drinks. There are many places to have a lovely drink in Daegu but if you are searching for that added touch of class why not head down to Old Blue Jazz bar opposite SamDuk Fire station(삼덕소방서)
Once you head down the stairs you will be entering a bar that looks as if it was taken straight from the pages of a F. Scott Fitzgerald novel. The beautiful red velvet curtains and unique touches make this live music venue a lovely place to chat over a bottle of wine and a cocktail. If all goes well they also serve food.


If you are more of an active person then you are luckily in the right city. Daegu has endless ways to enjoy yourself in the great outdoors. Dalseong Park is a lovely way to spend the day. This park contains a small zoo and is located a few minutes away from Seomun market isnt just a lovely park and a pretty, small zoo but it is covered in History. The original wall that guarded Daegu from attackers can still be found on the outskirts of the park. You can take a loved one and stand on real history.
The animals might be a bit cold and hidden this time of year but you might just get a chance to glimpse a monkey, elephant or lion if you are lucky.

How to get there:
294-1, Dalseong-dong, Jung-gu, Daegu(대구 중구 달성공원로 35)

-Seomun Market Station (Daegu Subway Line 2) Exit 5

-Take a bus to Dalseong Park (달성공원)
  →Bus 300, 414, 414-1, 427, 808, 836, 939, Donggu 2(동구2), Bukgu 2(북구2), or Bukgu 3(북구3)

Photo booths
Ive talked about photo booths on this site before but they are a very simple and lovely way to express your love this Valentines Day. Take your partner to a place and make some memories. You can even get sticker versions to stick on your phone and remember your day forever.

Dog café

This is a Korean staple and a great way to spend your Valentines Day whether youve been together two weeks or two years. These puppies will melt even the hardest of hearts. If you are more a cat person you could always take a seat in the cat café for a bit of a feline feel to your day.

Board Game Café
This is not only a great way to spend a date but also a fantastic place to take friends. Maybe if you are planning a double date you can challenge some friends to take you and your partner on. These cafés work by you buying a drink and then choosing a board game from the list. There is everything from Risk to Monopoly so something for everyone.

If the date goes really well then you can always head to Jungnagno’s jewelry section of downtown Daegu . Good Luck everyone and happy Valentines.

How to get there:
This area is sandwiched between Jungangro subway station and south of Daegu station.
If you are leaving from Jungangro Subway station the best exit to use is:  Exit 3

It is easily assessable by a large array of buses:
-Daegu Station : 101-1, 401, 420, 618, 651, 708, 808, 980, Bukgu 2.
-Daegu Station Four-ways Express 2, 349, 401, 410, 503 623 704, 706, 980, Donggu 2.

The address for the Fashion Jewellery Specialized Town building is:
38-6,Dong moon dong,Jung-goo,Daegu(대구광역시 중구 대문동 38-6)

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