Monday, March 3, 2014

[Notice] 2014 Foreign Blog Press and Online Supporters Recruitment

[Foreign Blog Press and Online Supporters Recruitment]
Daegu metropolitan city government is inviting foreign blog press and online supporters who will help run Daegu social media international channel(blog and facebook of 'Touch Daegu') and promote it.
We want people to work with passion and interests in online social activity.
Apply now and make 'Touch Daegu' together!
-Applying Period: March 3(Mon), 2014 - March 16(Sun), 2014
-How to Apply: Fill out the attached application form and e-mail us to (
                       : Save the name of your application file as 'foreignpress_yourname.doc'
-Working Period: Appointed date~ April 30, 2015
-Announcement: 19th of March, 2014(Wed), the recruiting result will be notified individually and posted on our blog and facebook as well
★Download the application forms here:
★Download the applicant's written oath here:

-Requirement -Foreigners who are currently living in Daegu (Applicant's visa should be valid until April, 2015)
                     -Those who have one or more digital multimedia devices of their own (digital camera, digital camcorder, etc.).
                     -Those who currently runs their own blog and/or facebook
                     -Those who are able to go out to cover stories at least one day per month and to submit appropriate articles for 'Touch Daegu' on a weekly basis. 
-The Volume of Recruitment: 5 People
-Activities: Write more than 3 articles each month
Participate in appointment ceremony & workshop(once) and group reporting days(4 times)
-Benefit: Paid for writing submissions per each quarter
             Given a priority in invitation at the events held by Daegu government
             Win commendation for excellent activities by the mayor of Daegu at the year-end event
-Requirements -Foreigners who are currently living in Daegu
                         -Those who are Actively using social media including facebook
                         -Those who have mobile devices available for realtime communication
-The Volume of Recruitment: Total of 100 people (50 foreigners & 50 locals)
-Activities -Do online activity related to 'Touch Daegu' blog and facebook(e.g. Comments on the blog and facebook page, Sharing articles or statements, Inviting friends to the facebook page, Delivering the latest news about Daegu, etc.)
                -Participate in the main events hosted by Daegu government
                -Accomplish monthly mission which are updated on the private facebook group of 'Touch Daegu'
-Benefit -Win commendation for excellent activities by the mayor of Daegu at the year-end event
            -Every online supporter will be issued a uniform
            -The most remarkable supporter will be rewarded per each quarter

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