Friday, April 4, 2014

[Entertaining/Press Article] Daegu Shooting Range

If you are looking for something a little different to do in Daegu why not head to the outskirts of town and practice youre shooting at the Daegu Shooting Range. If you have never even seen a gun, let alone shoot a gun this place will be both terrifying and exciting. Once you arrive at this massive complex you will be directed to the sign up desk. At this desk you can book in your shooing for the day.
If there is a group bigger than 10 you get a discount but the standard prices are listed on the website:

There are many guns to choose from, Pistols, Magnums, Glocks, clay pigeon shooting shot guns and air guns as well as an assault course area to battle with your friends with bb-guns.

Each gun comes with safety gear and tutorial from the people working in the facility. Luckily the level of English here is very good.
The only problems with this place is its location which is hard to get to but definitely not impossible and of course the fact you will want to spend so much money once you are addicted.

The complex is the largest shooting range in Asia and has had Olympic shooters practice on its grounds as well as many newbies.

Its a great day out for a group of friends especially in the summer as they have special areas where you can sit and use their BBQ facilities to make a proper summer day feel just like home.

How to get there:
There is a bus that goes here but it is very infrequent so the best way to travel here would be to get a taxi. If you get a taxi from Kyungpook National University Hospital station it will cost you 10,000 won. A taxi from downtown will cost close to 17,000 won.
If you do want to catch a bus it is: Chilgok 2 (which travels to the range 8 times a day)
When you want to leave the facility the staff will be happy to call you a taxi.

-The address: 169 Munju-ro(St), Buk-gu, Daegu, Korea (40, Geumho-dong)
-The contact number: 82-53-312-0000
-Business Hours: Sunday Saturday 09:00 18:00 / (November February: clay shooting from 9:00 17:00 due to daylight limitations)


  1. It is very interesting and enjoying to do target shooting with different guns. I like target shooting and go regularly in shooting class to improve my shooting accuracy.