Wednesday, April 16, 2014

[Exhibition/Press Article] An Eco-friendly Exhibition

This past month, EXCO hosted the Baekdudaegan Green Mine exhibition - bringing together a variety of organic food sellers and businesses. The focus of the conference  Baekdudaegan, a mountain range and watershed that runs through most of the length of the Korean peninsula from Baekdu mountain in the north to Jirisan in the south, is the way of using Korea's natural resources in environmentally friendly way. There were a variety of participating companies and organizations, from organic farms to wine vineyards, to juice dyeing and tea companies. The weekend was filled with vendors selling their organic products, facilities showcasing their use of green energy, along with auctions, and business accomplishments  

To learn more about organic businesses in Korea, visit:

053)249-7749  Greenmine-Business Center: 054)373-342,8433

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