Monday, April 28, 2014

[Review] A Review of the Opening Ceremony & Workshop for Daegu Blog Press 2014

Last Saturday, the meeting room in the city hall was a beehive of activity to prepare for welcoming new blog press from early morning. Most of the foreign press members as well as Korean blog press members gathered. April 19 was the day to set off the official Daegu blog press 2014 and to leave for a workshop that fosters the press to be competent writer and photographer.

The press members received certificates of appointment from the director of public relations department of Daegu government and learned about what they’ll do as Daegu blog press. After the ceremony, they left for Jeolla province to participate in the workshop.

The foreign press members of Touch Daegu enjoyed the journey while they were on the way to the workshop introducing themselves each other at the coach and showing an interest in Doenjang(soybean paste) soup that they had for the first time for lunch.

A lecture for blog press started soon after the press unpacked at the K-Jirisan hotel, their lodging place. The lecture was comprised of introduction to Daegu social media channels, tactics for better article writings/photo takings and many other activities that blog press are to perform. All Korean members followed the three hour lecture with earnest attention. The foreign press members also took a separate lecture provided in English.

On the second day, all blog press members were immersed in practical training for photos on the basis of the previous lecture. They took photos of the beautiful scenery of Jeolla province being coached by the professionals accompanied.

Hope the two-day workshop would help new blog press while performing their jobs. They are believed to fill Daegu social media with awesome articles based on what they have learned at the workshop.

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