Friday, May 30, 2014

[Event] The Event Calendar of Daegu in June

  -Daegu Art Festival(May 26~June 7) /
  -Daegu International Musical Festival(June 27~July 8) /
  -Hancheong Cultural Festival(June 22) @ Daegu Culture & Arts Center

  -Daegu Flower Show(June 4~June 8) /
  -Daegu Food Tour Expo(June 12~June 15) /
  -Daegu Medi Expo(June 20~June 22) /
  -Korean Traditional Medicine Industry Expo(June 20~June 22) /

  -The subscription concert of Piano Opus(June 6) @ Suseong Artpia
  -The musical, 'Bukseongro Serenade'(June 6) @ Bongsan Culture Center
  -The gala show of 7 belly dancers in Daegu(June 7) @ Bongsan Culture Center
  -Pop music festival with Daegu citizens(June 14) @ Daegu Culture & Arts Center
  -Daegu municipal Korean music band, [Fusion Korean Music Concert](June 17) @ Daegu Culture & Arts Center
  -The charity concert of 'The Uncles' with Chung-narae(June 19) @ Bongsan Culture Center
  -'Giselle' performed by Universal Ballet(June 21~June 22) @ Suseong Artpia
-Kyeongbuk municipal symphony orchestra, [Young Artist Concert] @ Bongsan Culture Center

  -Over-drapes─12 curtains(June 3~June 28) @ Beomeo Art Street
  -Zhang Xiaogang Memory+ing(June 14~September 20) @ Daegu Art Museum
  -The exhibition of tea culture & tea set(June 24~June 29) @ Ayang Art Center

  -Revival of Gyeongsang Gamyeong customs(June 7~Oct 25/every Saturday) @ Gyeongsang Gamyoung Park(

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  1. I'm especially excited about the Flower Expo and Food Tour Expo... Can't wait! :)