Tuesday, May 20, 2014

[Event] What I expect from NEW DAEGU is...

What I expect from NEW DAEGU is…

Do you have anything that you expect from the New Daegu?
If so, please tell me what it is.
Not being able to make all your wishes come true like Genie, the Colorfuldaegu can give of a fancy stamp with your name carved in Korean!

How to participate
1. Leave a comment on what you expect from Daegu city/Touch Daegu.
2. Shout out loudly with delight if you receive the winner announcement message on Facebook
3. Get a fancy stamp with your name carved in Korean

How's that? Don't you think it's easier than spelling a wish to Genie? ;-)

-Event Period: May 20 ~ May 26, 2014
-Qualification: A person from foreign country living in Korea
-Prize: A stamp into which the winners' name is carved in Korean (for 6 people)
-Winner Announcement: May 27, 2014

*We will reach the winners individually by Facebook messages and collect personal information (name, phone number, address) of the winners to send winning prizes.
*Winning prize will be invalid if we can't get in touch by June 2.


  1. I would like to see more notice of events BEFORE they happen! You post so many incredible events after they occur, and I would like to be able to attend them :)

    1. Alright. I'll try that. Thanks for your opinion and please keep your eyes on this event till the winner of the event would be announced! :-)