Wednesday, May 28, 2014

[Exhibition] Daegu Food Tour Expo 2014

-Period: June 12th(Thu) - 15th(Sun), 2014 / 4 Days
-Opening Hours: 10:00 ~ 18:00
-Venue: Exhibition Hall, Ground Floor of EXCO
-Main events: Food Exhibition, Food Contest, Food Booths, Food Show, Food Tasting, Experience Program
      ▪ Online pre-registration FREE (Deadline: 6th June,2014 18:00) at
         ▪ Admission fee : Adults 3,000won / Students(Elementary School~High School) 2,000won

1) Food Exhibition
Lotus food special gallery Feel the breath of nature from lotus which is specialty of Daegu
  -Flower food gallery Full of freshness of the nature
  -Seasonal food gallery Fill with four season of Daegu
  -Apsan food road gallery Enjoy the taste of nature in urban
  -Traditional food gallery Harmony of the past and present

Food of the vacation spots gallery Not have to go far to enjoy a vacation spot
  -Buddhist temple food gallery Build up your body and mind
  -Low-salt food gallery Low-salt diet for healthy eating
  -Daegu food master gallery Display food of No.1 Dalgubeol food master
  -New & Global restaurant gallery Introduction of new restaurant in Daegu & Foreigners select restaurants that serve delicious food in Daegu
  -Overseas booth International food, culture, tourism(Mexico)

2) Unit Events
Experience program : Cook your own one-of-a kind food
  ▪ Making rice cake: 6 times a day, 3,000won per person, 30 people for one time
  ▪ Making icing cookie: 3 times a day, 3,000won per person, 30 people for one time
  ▪ Making sugar cupcake: 3 times a day, 5,000won per person, 30 people for one time

Food tasting booths : Enjoy free food of representative restaurant in Daegu

Food show : A variety of events on the center stage

3) Food Restaurant
Enjoy the best restaurant’s food in Daegu : Look, Eat, Feel directly!
and you can enjoy the international food like US, Japan, Spain, China and More!

4) Food Contest
Food contest for training excellent cooking master! The grand prize winner of this contest has opportunity of overseas cooking program!

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  1. So excited to attend this event this year! :) Sounds yummy!!