Thursday, May 1, 2014

[Information] Deferred payment cards available in Daegu public transportation has grown to 9 in total

Daegu government expanded service on using deferred payment card in public transportation for those who use buses and subways in Daegu.
Two more cards from Hana Bank(하나은행) and Korea Exchange Bank(KEB; 외환은행) are newly added to the previous deferred payment card service system.
This extended service is expected to provide convenience for 300,000 more people, who are the current Daegu customers of the two aforementioned banks.
Having a debit card or a credit card, except Citi Bank's, which marked 'pay on' on its back, you can now use it as a transportation card. If no ‘pay on’ on your card, however, you need to issue a new one at each relevant bank.

*The deferred payment cards for public transportation you can currently use in Daegu

-KB Gukmin card(KB국민카드)

-BC card

-NH Nonghyup Chaeum card(NH 농협 채움 카드)

-Shinhan card(신한카드)

-Samsung card(삼성카드)

-Hyundai card(현대카드)
현대카드M Edition2 카드이미지 현대카드X2 카드이미지

-Lotte card(롯데카드)
DC스마트 카드  7 Unit 카드

-Hana SK card(하나 SK 카드)

-Korean Exchange Bank card(외환은행카드)

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