Thursday, May 1, 2014

[Information/Press Article] Buying a Train Ticket on Your Phone

Purchasing a ticket at Dongdaegu station can sometimes be a stressful situation, especially if you are late catching your train. Bypass all that stress by downloading the KORAIL app on your smartphone, and purchasing a ticket there. Here is a simple walkthrough designed to make your travel plans easier.

1) First what you will want to do is download the app. Search for ‘korail’ and it should be the first that pops up. It is called Korail Talk (코레일톡)

2) When you open the app, pay attention to the two big icons. They are to purchase tickets and to retrieve the tickets.

3) A screen will pop up when you click “Purchase Ticket”, just click on it to bypass.

4) The main screen will show you all your options.

5) Click on the second tab, the type of train you want to ride. The most important buttons to recognize here are the 3 types of train you will most likely be using: The KTX, the Mugunghwa, or the Saemaulho.

6) You can choose the date and time on the following third tab.

7) Next, click on “Arrival” and “Departure” to choose your locations. Remember, the KTX will NOT stop at Daegu Station, only Dong Daegu station (You need to turn on GPS first).

8) Next, choose the Seat Style tab. Here you will have options to select your seat.

9) Once all your settings are set, click on the bottom button and the available trains should appear. Seats available is written in green. Standing room and if the train is sold out is written in orange.

10) Once you click on a specific train, it will take you to the information page. You can view the times and the stations the train will stop in, the prices of the various tickets, and the left button is clicked once you have decided that you want that ticket.  

11) Once you click on the purchase button, it will take you to the next screen. Most of us will be clicking on the second tab, which is in red.

12) Put in your name, number and a secret code. When you are done, click on the right button at the bottom.

13) Next, you will  be given the option again of choosing 1st Class, economy or standing.

14) When you select “Seat Selection” it will take you to this screen, where you can choose the car number and seat number available.

15) Once you have selected a seat, a summary of your ticket will appear.

16) Then you click on the bottom button to purchase. Fill in the information and make the final purchase.

17) Once you click Purchase, it should take you to this screen. Click on the button at the bottom and it will bring you to a final page. It will show you the “printed” ticket.


  1. Great infomation.
    Just few wrong.
    8. 확인: Enter 취소: cancel
    10. 열차시각 : time of train

    1. Thank you. I've just correct them :-)

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