Wednesday, May 14, 2014

[Notice] Recruitment of 2014 Daegu Foreign SNS Supporters

[Application Guidelines]--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Foreigners who can use SNS such as facebook, blog, etc, and have personal SNS account
Foreigners who are able to perform the missions suggested by Daegu government (more than once each month)

Applying Period: May 14(Wed), 2014 ~ May 28(Wed), 2014

Working Period: June 19(Thu), 2014 ~ April 30(Thu), 2015

How To Apply
Applying online: Fill out the attached application form and e-mail to us to
Applying on site: Fill out the application form handed out by the manager of international social media of Daegu on site and submit the form directly to him/her.

    Download the application form
      *The application form has been changed more briefly.

Announcement: June 2(Mon), 2014
The recruiting result will be notified individually and posted on our blog and facebook as well.