Tuesday, May 13, 2014

[Tour] Walk along the Apsan Mountain Forest Trail

Daegu City has been continuously building forest trails to provide citizens with sound leisure activity options that help recharging energy and aid in a healthy and relaxed life. Forests, as well as being a source of abundant anions and phytoncides that are stress and anxiety relievers, are precious spaces in modern life.

Unlike other mountain trails that are often connected to the top of mountains, Apsan Jarakgil Trail is located along ridges and maintains a gentle slope. People of all ages and descriptions, including beginners and family visitors, can enjoy this trail.

Jarakgil Trail extends 15km, starting in Gosanggol Valley and ending at the Youth Training Center by way of Pyeongan Dongsan Hill in Dalseo-gu.
Along the trail are a forest kindergarten at the entrance of Gosangol, dinosaur footprints and a 1km barefoot trail.  Keungol Valley, along the trail, also feature historical and cultural facilities, including Eunjeoksa Temple, where Wang Geon, founder of the Goryeo Dynasty, took refuge after being defeated in the Gongsan Battle in the 10th century, and the Nakdonggang Victory Memorial Hall. 

 Along the trail between Keungol and Anjiranggol can be found Nambu Library and Daedeok Culture Hall. There are also a variety of sporting facilities and other amenities along Jarakgil. Apsan Mountain is home to 571 plant species representing 113 families. Containing 100,000-pyeong of natural oak and dense pine forests, the mountain functions as the ‘lung’ of the city. Connecting the existing trails and footpaths, Apsan Jakakgil Trail is praised for being a model case in terms of forest conservation.

In addition, Apsan Dullegil, which extends 22km from Keungol to Sandonggyo Bridge by way of Anjiranggol, Dalbigol and Gachang (Yonggyegyo Bridge), is cited as being the best ‘healing’ trail, where visitors can experience diverse ecological, historical, cultural and nature programs. The observation deck on Biap Peak on Apsan, which was built in 2011, affords visitors a panoramic view of Daegu City. The observatory is also the ideal place for taking pictures.

Kim Bu-seop, director-general for the environment and green land affairs of the city, said, “In consideration of the increasing demand for forest recreation, Daegu City will continuously monitor and develop new trails that make use of all available resources. We will do our best to contribute to the promotion of citizen welfare through the development of forest trails.“

[The Course of Jarak-gil in Apsan]

▶See the map of the whole course: http://nam.daegu.kr/apsanjarakgil/include/pop_map.htm

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