Monday, May 19, 2014

[Tour/Press Article] Beomeo Art Street

Daegu is known as the center of fashion and design in Korea. It is full of stunning Korean woman wearing designer labels and sporting fashionable items so it comes as no surprise that Beomeo subway station has made itself look beautiful and has converted itself into a walk through gallery. 

This open space is dedicated to local artists, painters and sculptures who want to display their work. This unassuming subway station looks like any other but walk through its corridors and you will be transported to your very own gallery.

I say ‘your very own’ because it is always extremely quiet. Commuters don’t normally walk the length of the station so you can wander and take in the vast array of displays. The displays change monthly and include everything from light fixtures made into sculptures to complex material designs woven in silk.

There is also a stage inside the station. When it is in use it exhibits local musicians for the public. To make sure that this stage isn’t a wasted space, the rest of the time it is dedicated to helping children learn about music. It has soft toys to aid in helping them learn about different instruments.

This exhibit doesn’t take long to view and is a pleasant walk if you are in the Beomeo area anyway. There is also an art book shop which seems to only stock Korean books but since they are coffee table books this doesn’t seem to matter too much and you might find a great souvenir for an artist friend.
If you keep walking through this design dedicated walk way you will eventually reach a whole new area of the station dedicated to children learning English. This seems to only be open on week days but it includes a children’s cinema shaped like an airplane, a grocery store built for children and a bus shaped café.
Like I mentioned before, this area doesn’t take long to walk through and is more of an interesting site than something you would go out of your way to see but it illustrates how interesting a city we live in, even a subway station can be beautiful in Daegu.

If you would like to visit this area of Beomeo station, walk towards exit 11 and you should walk through both the English learning area as well as the artist’s space. 

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