Monday, June 16, 2014

[Event] Share My Fair ‘Chicken & Beer' Stories…

The event of 2014 Daegu Chimac(Chicken & Beer) Festival

Share My Fair ‘Chicken & Beer' Stories…

Guess how many days we are away from the hottest summer festival of Daegu!
Yes!! Only one month have we till 2014 Daegu Chimaek Festival!!
Before the day comes, could we share your own story on chicken and beer? Tell me about not your ‘Fair Lady’ but your ‘Fair Chicken & Beer'. Any story is okay like amusing anecdotes about chicken and beer, photos of the best fried chicken you've ever had, your special way of enjoying it, etc.
Please don't hesitate to share your ‘fair chicken and beer' story now!!

The example of Chimac stories

•How to participate: Leave a comment or send a facebook message of your story of chicken and beer. Any type of messages (text, photos or videos) is accepted.
•Qualification: Those who are from foreign countries living in Korea
•Event Period: June 16, 2014(Mon)~June 29, 2014(Sun)
•Winner Announcement: July 2, 2014(Wed)
•Prize: E-world night entrance tickets for 5 persons (2 tickets/person) or mobile free fried chicken vouchers (6 people)
*We will reach the winners individually by facebook messages and collect personal information (name, phone number, address) of the winners to send winning prizes.
*Winning prize will be invalid unless we reach you by July 9.

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