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[Living] Shopping Areas in Daegu

Colorfuldaegu introduces the shopping areas in Daegu by regional groups.

Shopping Areas in Daegu-Jung-gu

Seomun Market
Shopping Areas in Daegu-Seomun Market, Jung-gu
Only one subway stop away from the Banwoldang hub, the epicenter of all things modern-day Daegu, Seomun Market is a throwback, offering a taste of traditional Korean culture. While this city has undergone dramatic changes since its humble beginnings as a small town, Seomun market has remained a pillar of the area for more than 300 years. Not to be confused with some manufactured tourist trap, the spraw
ling market serves a practical purpose, with natives and out-of-towners alike flocking to find deals on clothes, bedding, fabric, tableware, souvenirs, electronics, food and more.

-To get there
   By Subway
Take the Green Line (Line 2) to the Sinnam station and get out at exit 1. Double back a few steps and make a left at the large intersection. Just walk straight and the main entrance will present itself on the left.
   By taxi
Tell your driver “서문시장 가주세요(Seomun shee-jahng ka juseyo).”
-Address: 115, Daesin-dong, Jung-gu, Daegu
-Phone: +82-053-256-6341

Seomun Market Daedongsa (District 4)
Shopping Areas in Daegu-Seomun Market District 4, Jung-gu
One quick subway stop from downtown on the green subway line is Seomun Market. Constantly a bustling indoor and (covered) outdoor market, it’s sometimes a bit easy to get turned around. Finding a souvenir shop without proper directions can be a nightmare here. First, enter the market through the East Gate #2. After a short stroll you will see a large neon sign for District 4지구. That’s essentially “Block 4”. Walk into the block, but stay on the street level. Look for vendor #907 - DaeDongSa. Vendor numbers are located above each shop and are in sequential order.

DaeDongSa has a smaller space than the Tourist Information Center, but its shelves are stocked with a colorful array of gift ideas. Here you will find Korean wooden wedding ducks. These ducks, when placed in a couple’s home, symbolize harmony when facing each other or arguing when one is turned away from the other. DaeDongSa has many trinket gifts, perfect for stocking stuffers or simply more casual gift-giving. There is an entire section devoted to handbags from TongYeong, also known as the Venice of Korea, a southern city popular for Korean tourists.

-Hours : 9:30-19:00
-Address: Block 4 1F 907, Seomun Market, 115-377 Daesin-dong, Jung-gu, Daegu, South Korea
-Phone: +82-53-257-5151

Gyodong Market
Shopping Areas in Daegu-Gyodong Market, Jung-gu
A vibrant outdoor market located in the backstreets behind Novotel, Gyodong Market offers a fun and convenient shopping experience, whether you are seeking something to buy or just browsing.
-Address: Gyodong Market, Gyodong, Jung-gu, Daegu
·      -Phone: +82-053-427-0443

Yasi(Foxy) Alley
Shopping Areas in Daegu-Yasi(Foxi) Alley, Jung-gu
Hidden in the southern backstreets of downtown Daegu, you'll find a narrow street lined with fashion boutiques and packs of Daegu's fashion-wise women drifting in and out of the stores with their latest purchases. The beautiful ladies who frequent this alley is where the origin of the term 'foxy' comes from, and stems from an old Daegu dialect. In recent years, the surrounding area has bloomed to not only include fashion retailers, but also cafes, pubs, as well as cosmetics and fashion accessories.
-Address: Southern end of Rodeo Street, Samdeok-dong, Jung-gu, Daegu

Rodeo Street
Shopping Areas in Daegu-Rodeo Street, Jung-gu
Located on the east side of downtown Daegu, you'll find a narrow street lined with eclectic clothing stores by day and crowded pubs and clubs by night. This is Rodeo Street and is the pulse of Daegu's urban culture, which is also frequented by many from Daegu's growing foreign community.
-Address: 1-ga, Samdeok-dong, Jung-gu, Daegu
-Phone: +82-053-661-2000

Daegu Department Store
Shopping Areas in Daegu-Daegu Department Store, Jung-gu
Located in the heart of Daegu's famed pedestrian street of Dongseongno, this department store features 11 floors of luxury goods, latest fashions, household goods, restaurants, as well as a food court and grocery concourse. Walking out through the front doors, you can find yourself amid Daegu's most popular meeting area for young citizens meeting their friends for a night out on the town.
-Address: 174 Dongseongno 2(i)-ga, Jung-gu, Daegu, South Korea
-Phone: +82-053-423-1234

Hyundai Department Store
Shopping Areas in Daegu-Hyundai Department Store, Jung-gu
With its glittering lights shining down on the city's central thoroughfare, the elegant shopping experience that the Hyundai brand is famous for, brings it high quality to its downtown Daegu location. Exquisitely designed interior and plentiful shopping venues, a shopper can quickly learn what makes this atmosphere popular throughout its other locations in Korea. A complete package awaits, consisting of shopping, dining, galleries, and concert halls.
-Address: 2077 Dalgubeol-daero, Jung-gu, Daegu, South Korea
-Phone: +82-053-245-2233

Dong-A Shopping Center
Shopping Areas in Daegu-Dong-A Shopping Center, Jung-gu
A spacious shopping atmosphere designed to meet the diversified needs of affluent customers, this high class department store is perfectly located with its adjacency to Banwoldang Subway Station. A selection of amenities are available, such as art galleries, restaurants, and a popular kid's cafe/play center.
-Address: 53-3, Deoksan-dong, Jung-gu, Daegu
-Phone: +82-1577-0111

Debec Plaza
Shopping Areas in Daegu-Debec Plaza, Jung-gu
This opulent shopping plaza is a beautiful sight on the inside, with its high-end retailers, but also beautifully nestled in the affluent streets of Daebong-dong and overlooking Sincheon River.
-Address: 214, Daebong-dong, Jung-gu, Daegu
-Phone: +82-053-426-1234

Hot Tracks at Kyobo Books
Shopping Areas in Daegu-Hot Tracks at Kyobo Books, Jung-gu
Perhaps the most centrally-located Korean souvenir shop is in the lower level of Kyobo bookstore downtown. HotTracks is the underground stationery shop. Walk around the perimeter and you’ll find a wall of board games. Tucked away next to that is the gift-wrapping station, where any purchase from the bookstore / stationery store can be gift-wrapped instantly. The shelves around this station have much of what you would find at the other shops and for prices that are also on par. Cute wooden Korean couple figurines wearing hanbok and traditional hats are a nice find, as is the uncirculated proof set of Korean coins.
The best part about souvenir gift shopping here is that you can have it professionally wrapped with no additional charge. Also, its downtown location but it in the center of everything in Daegu. 
-Opening Hours : 9:30-22:00
-Address: B1, Kyobo Building, 88-25, Dongseongno 2-ga, Jung-gu, Daegu
-Phone: +82-053-425-9961

Shopping Areas in Daegu-Dong-gu

Lotte Shopping Plaza-Yulha Branch
Shopping Areas in Daegu-Lotte Shopping Plaza in Yulha, Dong-gu
Lotte Outlet brings its national chain to Daegu, via its first outlet by Yulha Station on the city's east side. Open 365 days a year, this large-scale shopping environment has something for everyone, such as high-end fashions, Toys R Us, movie theaters, restaurants, and a massive grocery store.
-Address: 80, Ansim-ro, Dong-gu, Daegu
-Phone: +82-053-960-2500

Shilla Duty Free Shop-Daegu Airport Branch
Shopping Areas in Daegu-Shilla Duty Free Shop in Daegu Airport, Dong-gu
A variety of diverse and engaging brand name goods are on offer at this Duty Free Shop situated in the prime location of Daegu International Airport, easily accessible by bus or nearby Ayanggyo Subway Station.

 [Available Items]
  Cosmetics, perfumes, bags and wallets, sunglasses, electronics, liquor, Korean tobacco, etc.

  - Subway : Take Subway Line 1 headed to Ansim.
Get off at the Ayanggyo Station and transfer to bus Express-1, Palgong 1, 401 or 101
  - Bus : 101, 401, 719  Palgong 1, (Express) Express 1
Get off at the bus stop across the Daegu International Airport
-Address: 2F, Daegu International Airport, 400-1, Jijeo-dong, Dong-gu, Daegu
-Phone: +82-1688-1110

Lotte Mall Esiapolis Store
Shopping Areas in Daegu-Lotte Esiapolis Outlet, Dong-gu
Lotte Mall, an outdoors outlet mall, sits at the foot of Palgosan mountain, with approximately 50 shops and a CGV movie theater, and even a kid’s cafe for moms. Located just 20 minutes from downtown, Lotte mall can be found in Esiapolis. Esiapolis is part of a major commercial and residential area in Northeast Daegu that has been built with the goal to provide its residents futuristic and stylistic resources. The mall sits directly across from education faculties including Daegu International School, and the Korea College of Korea Textile & Fashion Polytechnic (CKTFP).
-Service hours: Mar~Oct: 11AM ~ 9PM / Nov~Feb: 11AM~8PM (Fri~Sun & Holidays: ~9PM)
 Lotte Mart :10AM  10PM
-Parking: Available
-Transportation: 101, 101-1, 401, Palgong 1(팔공 1), Express 1 (급행1) to 봉무레포츠공원(Bongmu Leports Park) stop
-Address: 1545, Bongmu-dong, Dong-gu, Daegu
-Phone: +82-53-945-2500

Shopping Areas in Daegu-Buk-gu

Lotte Department Store-Daegu Station Branch
Shopping Areas in Daegu-Lotte Department Store in Daegu Station, Buk-gu
Located in the complex above Daegu's historic rail and subway station, this shopping hub houses a wide range of opportunities, such as international and domestic luxury goods and fashions, movie theaters, T.G.I. Fridays, and all supported by a high level of friendly customer service.
-Addess: 302-155, Chilseong-dong 2-ga, Buk-gu, Daegu
-Phone: +82-053-660-2500

Chilseong Market
Shopping Areas in Daegu-Chilseong Market, Buk-gu
Since its establishment in 1950 when locally produced agricultural products were sold at the nearby riverside, this bustling outdoor now attracts farmers and fishers from all over Korea. With Chilseong Market as the center, there are various sub-markets that sell different wares, such as a fish market and agricultural goods market, a new and second-hand furniture market and a tools market.
-Address: 276, Chilseong 1-ga, Buk-gu, Daegu
-Phone: +82-053-424-0946

Shopping Areas in Daegu-Costco, Buk-gu
Globally renowned Costco has a large presence in Daegu with its multi-storied complex in the EXCO area. Featuring the same products and goods as one would expect in Costcos around the world, this location has a strong patronage from Koreans and foreigners in the region.
-Address: 1817, Sangyeok-dong, Buk-gu, Daegu
-Phone: +82-053-380-1234

NC Outlet
Shopping Areas in Daegu-NC Outlet, Buk-gu
The NC Outlet Mall was a surprising find in north Daegu. Anyone who is familiar with the shopping options downtown will think of Daegu Department Store or Lotte Young Plaza, which thrive with congested shops and often shoulder-to-shoulder shopping experiences. The NC Outlet Mall is a nice divergence from that atmosphere. It is, essentially, not too unlike any other department store in Daegu, but seems to be less crowded, have the same name brands, and be an overall better shopping experience.
-Address: 1668, Sangyeok-dong, Buk-gu, Daegu
-Phone: +82-053-662-9000

Shopping Areas in Daegu-Texbill, Buk-gu
The largest textile-related wholesaler/retailer in the nation, Texvill houses an abundance of home furnishings at competitive prices, with 4 floors offering furniture, appliances, bedding, crockery, and traditional Korean attire. Additional appeal includes a drive-in movie theater on the premises.
-Address: 1667, Sangyeok-dong, Buk-gu, Daegu
-Phone: +82-053-601-1500

Electron Mart at EXCO
Shopping Areas in Daegu-Elctron Zone at EXCO, Buk-gu
Located just a short walk from the Hotel Inter-Burgo EXCO in north Daegu is Electron Zone, a hodge podge of electronics dealers, peddling their wares over three floors. It can be a bit overwhelming upon first entering and once one begins trekking through the aisles of appliances and electronics, one can easily become disoriented. However, if you look for a place to check different brands or kinds of electric devices at one place, or have little time to go further to buy things, this will be a heaven for you.

The building is actually 5 floors, though the top two are used as wedding halls and wedding reception areas. However that still leaves you with three huge floors to explore.
-Opening Hours : 9:30AM~8:30PM
-Holiday : Third Wednesday
-Address: 1621, Sangyeok2-dong, Buk-gu, Daegu
-Phone: +82-053-604-2000

Shopping Areas in Daegu-Suseong-gu

Color Square
Shopping Areas in Daegu-Color Square, Suseong-gu
A sprawling complex recently built in the vicinity of Daegu World Cup Stadium on the city's east side, you can find virtually all of your shopping needs met. Facilities include fashion outlets, grocery shopping, movie theaters, and plenty of relaxing green space for the family to spend an afternoon at.
-Address: 504 Daeheung-dong, Suseong-gu, Daegu, South Korea
-Phone: +82-053-222-6000


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