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[Cafe/Press Article] Bubbas Focaccia and Pizza Café

Italian fares at Bubbas Cafe

If you’re like many people living in Daegu, you’ll find yourself visiting Suseong Lake during the warmer months to float around in the infamous duck boats, have a bit of amusement at Suseong Land, and take in the picturesque scenery while walking on the newly built bridge walkways. So, when the time comes for you to visit Suseong Lake, I highly recommend visiting Bubbas Café and Coffee Shop.

Suseong Lake, Bubbas Cafe, Italian food
 It’s a short walk northeast of the lake, but the variety of focaccia bread, pizza, and drinks are worth the trek.

Bubbas Cafe in Sooseong gu
I had the pleasure of first visiting Bubbas several weekends ago with a large group of friends. Needless to say, I was thoroughly impressed with the energetic atmosphere and delectable Italian fares.

Bubbas rough map, Bubbas Pizza cafe
The three-story restaurant, which is situated at the top of a small hill, had an industrial feel with rustic grey paneling, large windows, and an enticing balcony projecting off the side of the building.

Mug cups at bubbas cafe, Italian cafe, restaurant

1st floor at bubbas cafe, Italian restaurant
 As we made our way into the restaurant, it became apparent that Bubbas was a hot spot for Daegu residents; Almost every table stationed throughout the open floor plan seated groups or couples sharing pizza, grilled corn, and smiles.

Waiters at bubbas cafe, Italian restaurant

Menu, Bubbas Cafe
The menu is rather limited, yet each dish was extremely desirable. Customers choose from a handful of Bubbas signatures including four varieties of focaccia bread, four varieties of pizza, and four varieties of salads. There is also an array of drinks and alcoholic beverages including Dutch Beer, which combines Dutch coffee with a light draft beer.
My friends and I decided that our best plan of action was to sample as many dishes as possible by sharing our individual orders. We ordered the Mozzarella Salad, the Bacon and Potato Focaccia bread, the Margarita Pizza, and the Garden Pizza.

People are waitting to order in Bubbas cafe
We ordered at the counter and were given buzzers to alarm us when our food was ready.  By the time we were ready to order, the line had extended to the front entrance.

Outdoor tables in Bubbas cafe
7:30 p.m. on a weekend night proved to be a busy time for Bubbas; there was a parking guard directing parking for incoming and outgoing customers, and our food took roughly forty minutes to be prepared and delivered. Thankfully, we snatched a couple outdoor tables and were too lost in warm weather and good conversation to realize how long we waited for our food.
Once our food arrived, we were awestruck by the vibrant presentation and savory smells. My friends grew rather impatient as I held off their hungry hands while I took pictures of the dishes to use for this post.

Focaccia bread in Bubbas cafe
The focaccia bread was light, herby, and oily; all of which contributes, in my mind, to the perfect loaf of focaccia. I did, however, find the top layer of cold, mashed potato to be unpleasantly overpowering. I ate the rest of my share of the bread sans the potato.

Italian pizza, margarita in Bubbas cafe
The pizzas were absolutely delicious, especially the margarita, which was covered in pesto sauce rather than the traditional basil leaves. The garden pizza was just as satisfying. It was drenched in leafy greens, and I was happily surprised to find globs of ricotta cheese sporadically placed underneath.

Salad in bubbas cafe, Italian restaurant
 The lush dish consisting of a mound of fresh greens and vegetables tossed in a light dressing made up the mozzarella salad, and it was served with a large loaf of bread stuffed with mozzarella cheese. I had imagined a salad similar to that of a caprese salad with only mozzarella cheese and sliced tomatoes, so Bubba’s dish exceeded my expectations because who doesn’t like cheesy bread?
 The order between the four of us proved to be more than we expected, and we grew full quite early on. Bubbas definitely doesn’t skimp on the amount of food served. And, I would recommend reciting the old saying, “your eyes are bigger than your stomach” when deciding on an order.

As mentioned earlier, Bubbas is close to Suseong Lake, which is highly accessible by Daegu public transit. According to Bubbas’ Facebook page, the restaurant is only a short walk from the Suseong Artpia bus stop (수성아트피아) using buses 400, 400-1, 402, 403, 499, 814, or the Dusangdong Community Center  bus stop (두산동주민센터) using buses 410, 564, 604.

[Bubbas Focaccia and Pizza Café]
- Address:  suseonggu dusandong 263-10, daegu


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