Wednesday, July 16, 2014

[Entertainment/Press Article] 4D Cinema Experience in Daegu

4D Cinema Experience in Daegu
If you are looking for a truly unique experience here in Daegu then the CGV located in Lotte Young department store near Jungnagro station has something special to offer.
Located at the very top of the building is one of the only 4D cinema experiences. 4D is normally reserved for theme parks and arcade attractions but this 4D is a fully integrated experience to enhance your box office hits.

A ticket of X-Men 4DX-3D

A popcorn box

The newest film to hit this cinema is XMen– future’s past. For the most part this is just a traditional cinema experience, you book your tickets (booking is advised since it books up quickly) arrive, get your tickets and supplies (for those of you unfamiliar to Korean cinemas you can pick Onion/Cheese/Caramel or Original popcorn) and sit down to enjoy your movie.

The difference starts to become apparent when you enter the theatre. The fancy 3D glasses will adjust to your head making sure everyone’s fits just right, this is especially important for someone like me who already wears glasses since I normally have to wear two pairs during my 3d cinema experience, the adjustable glasses meant they still sat in the right place for me to view the film instead of a few feet away from my face. The seats are big and comfy and sturdy so you get the impression there is a lot of technical wiring inside. If you look closely at the seat in front of you, you will see the small holes for the jets of air and the many other ingredients to this experience.

4DX logo appears on the screen
Once the film starts you are asked to keep your feet on the foot rest and not leave your seat. Obviously you can if you have a toilet emergency but the movement makes it quite a bit harder. The other thing to note about this cinema is small children aren’t allowed in. This is for their safety but I’m sure there are a few cinema buffs among you that will rejoice in this fact.

Once the movie started it became very apparent there was a lot to get use to very quickly. The seats movement was perfectly synced to the movie and really did enhance it, especially scenes where you are flying around the screen. To start off with it is just funny but very quickly becomes normal.

The other elements included releasing delicious smells when in restaurant scenes, cold air when in the snow and lightning flashes that would fill the whole room. These were fantastic editions to the film. The very light water spray that came when characters were fighting in water made me giggle but did take me out of the movie slightly. The only thing to be warned about that may detract from the movie is the poking. If a character happens to get stabbed or shot, you will also get poked in the back. I didn’t realize this was coming so when it happened it made me jump, it was funny the first time but after two hours if can be a little bit of a nuisance.

Overall this was a great experience and as a cinema lover I am glad I did it since it’s not every day you get swirled around in your chair while staring at Hugh Jackman. There are parts of the experience I would love to see in all movie theatres. The lighting, movement, heat change and scent/water features made the film even more entertaining. The poking, I could do without.

As the sun makes Daegu’s streets an unbearable place to be this is a great rest bite and definitely worth a go, even if it’s just for the one time. Personally I will definitely be making a return visit, just maybe to a film with a little less stabbing. 

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