Friday, July 11, 2014

[Festival] Chimac Festval 2014─Useful Information to Have More Fun in the Festival

We have only a day by the Chimac festival 2014 begins! Are you ready for it? :-) Colorfuldaegu prepares useful information for you to have more fun at the festival. Check the schedule out and be ready to enjoy the festival on your own way!!


July 16 (Wed)
July 17 (Thu)
July 18 (Fri)
July 19 (Sat)
July 20 (Sun)
Experiential Programs & Themed Programs for Visitors
The performances of sister cities of Daegu
Racing Model Contest
Chimac Song & Dance Contest
Chimac Carnival
Opening Ceremony & Memorial Service for Chickens' Spirit
Chimac Audition
[K-Pop Concert]
'Cheer-up, Korea'
Celebrating Performance
Celebrating Performance
Chimac Relay Contest
Chimac Rock Festival
Final Concert
[DJ Party]
Eve Festival
Opening Party
Bulgeum(Friday Night) Party
Saturday Party
Adieu, Chimac Party


•The Promotion at Byeol Byeol Chicken(별별치킨) booth in Chimac Festival
-How to participate: After having fried chicken at Byeol Byeol Chicken booth in the site of Chimac festival, take a picture of a receipt and upload it on the facebook page of Byeol Byeol Chicken.
-Event Period: July 1~July 31, 2014
-Winning Prize: Not yet decided

The Promotion at Tang Tang Chicken(땅땅치킨) booth in the festival
-How to participate: Get a coupon for promotion participation with a purchase of Tang Tang chicken before the festival begins. Exchange the coupon with a box of fried chicken or other prizes when you visit Tang Tang Chicken booth at the festival.
-Event Period: July 17~July 20, 2014
-Winning Prize
 1st prize: A box of fried chicken & beer
 2nd prize: A box of fried chicken
 3rd prize: Beer or soft drink

 4th prize: Winning at simple game against the staff in the booth, you will get 3rd winning prize

[The Line Up of K-Pop Concert & DJ Party]

[CopyrightⓒChimac Festival 2014]
-July 16: Nobrain, Bulhandang, DJ R2
-July 17: Stella, MIB, DJ DIZZY SUNN, DJ ecky thump
-July 18: Orange Caramel, Beom Ju, Gye, DJ IT, DJ KOO
-July 19: After School, Super Kid, DJ JUNCOCO, DJ Aron & GrosGros
-July 20: Jangmi Yeogwan(The Rose Hotel), Jusuk & Jindokkae, DJ LIMZI, DJ GINJO

★July 16-Nobrain

★July 17-Stella

★July 18-Orange Caramel


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  3. I just love the way with which you are promoting this event.Being in the same industry, I like this.