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[Living] Broaden your knowledge on Korean Summer Foods that Help Beat the Heat!

Healthy Korean summer foods

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Korean summer foods
That Help Beat the Heat

Korea, where it’s hot and humid in summer, has unique summer foods. For the purpose of beating the summer heat, we, Koreans eat special foods on the three specific summer days, namely canicular days, believing that those help recover vitality. Are the foods really effective? Yes, it sure is. Why don’t we take a look at what nutrients in the gradients of each representative summer food help us stand the heat.


Samgyetang , Ginseng chicken soup


 Samgyetang(Ginseng chicken soup)
Samgyetang is the most popular and well-known one among the Korean summer food. It's made with a whole pullet, ginseng, jujube, chestnut and sticky rice. The amino acid and protein contained in a chicken help strengthen our immunity while ginseng helps bear the heat well and recover from fatigue more quickly. As warming our stomach, garlic and sticky rice prevent us from having a stomach upset.

Naengmyen (Korean cold noodles)

Naengmyeon(Korean cold noodles)
Even though Naemyeon is actually a dish originated from North Korea, it became one of the most popular summer dishes in Korea. We have two kinds of Naengmyeon: one is Mulnaengmyeon (noodles with cold broth) and the other is Bibimnaemyeon (noodles with hot pepper paste sauce). According to Oriental Medicine, the noodles of Naengmyeon made of buckwheat bring down the fever of the body. Also, amino acid in Naengmyeon improves liver function as well. For the better taste of Naengmyeon, you can add some vinegar to impart refreshing flavor.
Broiled eels

 Broiled eels
In Korea, being accepted as a stamina increasing food, eels are very popular in summer season when people are lacking in energy. When cooked, eels are broiled with red pepper paste sauce or with sweet soy sauce. Some people make a soup with eels.  Eels are rich in Vitamin A (as much as recommended daily allowance), and mucin contained helps enhance stamina as well. Eels are also high in protein and collagen, so they prevent skin aging and eliminate waste matters from the body. Lastly, iron in the eels prevents the symptoms of osteoporosis.



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