Friday, July 4, 2014

[Tour] Daegu Art Factory─a power plant for culture and art

It seems that most of the artists lead hard lives worldwide alike in terms of their financial living conditions. How many of them can manage a stable life with the income from selling their artworks?

Since, in Korea, the standard of happiness is more monolithic, and the breaking bounds of normal is less accepted to the public than many other countries, leading a life as an artist here is quite a challenge.

Furthermore, the life of local artists gets harsher due to their less chance to meet art lovers. A plain daily routine, such as doing what they do or having meals every day, is like a dream for some artists. This is why the support for those who do experimental and/or non-mainstream art is really needed. Here has Daegu such a special space, Daegu Art Factory, for that purpose.

Daegu Art Factory, where the former Daegu Tobacco Factory used to be, is a culture complex for supporting local artists.

It's like Tate Modern Museum in London that enlarged the feature of atelier to help the local artists. Daegu Art Factory is divided into 3 sections: 1) an exhibition hall to show experimental art workspaintings, sculptures, art videos and compositional ones, 2) a cultural complex hall where citizens visit and experience diverse cultural art programs and 3) studios for selected competitive local artists who need atelier to work in.

In addition, Daegu Art Factory supports young artists to present their artworks to the public as well as gives citizens chances to collaborate with the professionals on art activities. It is expected that the system not only encourages artists to do their creative activities but also helps people arouse the interest in art.
You can enjoy various exhibitions and participation programs here at Daegu Art Factory every day except Mondays. Yes, it’s worth to visit!  

[Daegu Art Factory]
-Location: 58-2, Suchang-dong Jung-gu, Daegu (Annexed warehouse of the former Daegu Tobacco Factory.)
-Opening time: 10:00~18:00 (closes every Monday)
-Admission fee: Free (except a few special exhibitions)

-Phone: 053-803-6251~7

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