Friday, July 18, 2014

[Tour] A Guide on How to Enjoy Summer Vacation in Daegu!

A Guide on How to Enjoy Summer Vacation in Daegu!

Uh...It's awfully hot...

It's hard to bear the summer heat here in Daegu! Should we stay home not going out?

Ta-da!! Hang on a sec!!

Ha-ha! Pardon me if I scared you. Hello, I'm the eagle called Dachaeu-sae, the mascot of Daegu. Is it all right if I show you a few wonderful summer spots around Daegu?

Summer spots? Wow, sounds great!! Please tell me which ones are.

It's the biggest water park in Daegu. Splash! Cool down the heat while having fun in the water.

Enjoy the fantastic view of Mt. Palgong!

Herb Hillz: Relax yourself with the aroma of the herbs

A music concert hall in Duryu Park: Enjoy fried chicken and beer with good friends of yours!

The observatory of Apsan: Don't miss out one of the best 10 night views in Korea!

Elybaden: It's nice to have fun in the water in the middle of the town!

Recreational forest in Mt. Biseul: It's the best place for peaceful and quiet holidays.

Wow! It's too hard to choose only one for the summer... Which one would be the first, a swimming pool or a forest?

Stay cool for this hot summer with Dachaeu-sae's summer guide!

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