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[Tour/Press Article] Daegu Herb Medicine Museum Experience Programs in Yangnyeongsi

A great place to spend an afternoon by learning a part of Korean culture

Daegu Herb Medicine Museum
Experience Programs

Daegu Herb Medicine Museum, or Yangnyeongsi, is a great place to spend an afternoon. You can learn about a part of Korean culture that is vastly different than that of Western cultures. The museum offers an English audio tour with detailed information about the history of yangnyeongsi (herb medicine) market as well as principles and practices of herb medicine today. There are quite a few interactive computer booths with both English and Korean options, but the best part of the museum is the experience programs available.

There is no set schedule for these programs. All you need to do is reserve a spot and pay for it 30 minutes before you’d like to participate. You can do this at the museum gift shop booth on the second floor of the museum. The signs at the museum will tell you how long each program takes and how much it costs. The experience programs range in price from 3,000 won to 5,000 won. There is a program for everyone at this museum. For the more active individuals, you can make things like herb soap or lip balm. But if you’re looking for something a bit more relaxed, you should try a 20-minute herbal footbath.

I chose to make herbal lip balm with a friend. It only cost 4,000 won and took 40 minutes to complete. The staff member who helped us was very kind and came prepared with her English script to explain the ingredients and recipe for making the lip balm. The process was fairly simple, so even young kids can easily participate.

There were just six ingredients, and all were very natural, so even those with sensitive skin should have no trouble using these products. Beeswax is what most lip balms, including this one, are made with. Additionally, we were given squirt bottles of several oils and extracts: rose hip, almond oil, jojoba oil, vitamin E, and citrus oil. All the ingredients are known to have great moisturizing properties, which is perfect for lip balm. 

The ingredients and equipment for making lip balm
First, we used ethanol spray to clean our measuring cup and spoon. The measuring cup was only used to hold the ingredients while we measured certain amounts of them on our scales. 

Measuring the ingredients

Abbi and her friend are focused on measuring the ingredients

The instructor is helping them to make lip balm
Our instructor told us how much of each ingredient to use. Be careful as you measure because it is easy to add too much. Once we had added all the ingredients, the instructor took the cup to melt the beeswax and warm the oils on a hot plate for us. 

Melted beeswax and warm oil is contained on a clear, plastic case
The museum provides clear, plastic containers for the lip balm and even a label sticker for the top of the container! The last step was the pour the melted beeswax and oils concoction into our containers, put the sticker on to, and wait about five minutes for it to solidify. 

The lip balm is done to be made!

The lip balm will end as an orange-red color. It works very well to moisturize your lips and doesn’t feel greasy or heavy, like some lip balms do.

The experience programs at the Daegu Herb Medicine Museum are excellent and very fun. They are a great way for both kids and adults to participate in Korean culture. The best part is getting to leave the museum with something that you made for yourself. 

[How to get to the museum]


  • ADDRESS : 51-3 Namseongno(415-gil 49 Dalgubeol-daero), Jung-gu, Daegu
  • CONTACT : 053-253-4729, 053-253-3359


  • get off subway at Banwoldang Station, get out at exit 16(Yangnyeongsi) or 18(Hyundai Department Store),or get off the subway line #1 Jungangno Station, get out at exit 1 (Yangnyeongsi) and walk for 5 minutes.


  • bus icon In front of (previously) Jeil Theater : 349, 401,650, 518, 704, 106, 202-1, 410, 503, 730, 706, 303, express 2
  • bus icon2 Kukmin Bank Daegu branch : 349, 401,650, 518, 704, 106, 202, 410-1, 909, 503, 730, 706, 303-1,Dong-gu 1-1, express 2
  • bus icon3 Hyundai Department or Dong A Shopping : 305, 405, 840, 414, 909, 609, Buk-gu 2
  • bus icon4 Hyundai Department or Dong A Shopping : 305, 405, 840, 414-1, 609

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